Secret of Kylie Jenner Sexy Body

Just like the other sisters, she also loves doing exercise, and maintain her life style by eating healthy foods. However, Kylie Jenner also loves eating sweet foods such as Oreo. Vegetable salad is the good menu she finds almost everyday.

Here are some workout summary done by Kylie Jenner, so you can consider to follow it as well.

Kylie Jenner loves running in Hollywood Hills. You also can consider to run regularly around your house.

She did not always do workout routine in stone, but she loves exercise to loose weight. She realizes that she gained weight, so the exercise is cardio for weight loss.

Kylie tones her body and she uses weight-training exercises. Her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, helps her to focus on her legs, abs, butt & arms.

She also loves drinking fit tea detox, eating Kale Salad and drinking Organing juice to help her lose her weight.

However, Kylie is an adrenaline junkie, we can see it when watching #KUWTK, how she loves junkies so much. However, she realizes as well that her sister, Kendall, eats junkies more than her.

Kylie Jenner Exercises

Here are the exercise she does every Monday and Wednesday

  • Do 1 set of each exercise in the circuit.
  • 15 Min Cardio (3 x 15 minute rounds = 45 min total)
  • Repeat the circuit 2-3 more times.

For the circuit exercise, here are the detail:

Exercise                       Sets                 Reps

Repeat Circuit             2-3                   More Times

Dumbbell Squats         1                     15

Single-Leg Lunges      1                      15

Skater Lunge               1                     15

Side Lunges                  1                      15

Stability Ball Leg

Curls                                1                     15

Cable Lat Pulldowns  1                     15

Dumbbell Rows          1                      15

Dumbbell Bicep Curls 1                     15

Crunches                     1                      25

Reverse Crunches       1                     25

Ball Throws                 1                     25

Mountain Climbers     1                     60 sec

Planks                          1                     90 sec

HIIT Cardio                1                      15 Min

The Monday/Wednesday workout focus is on legs (thighs & glutes), biceps, back & abs. Sometimes, she does this workout on Friday. This is because, if she skips a day, she has to make up for it later in the week.

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