All About Justin Bieber Fans Must Know

Who does not know about Justin Bieber? The cute boy that turns into a hot guy. Justin Bieber has milion followers and fans all around the world, which makes him as the most popular male singer in the world. Every people will always remember his super popular hits, “Baby”, which rocks the world in around 2010. Justin Bieber was very popular on youtube. His mother post him while singing and playing guitar when he was around 13. His popularity on youtube lead him to his highest achievement of career.



Full Name            : Justin Drew Bieber

Occupation         : Singer and Songwriter

Genre                   : Pop, R&B

Born                      : March 1, 1994 London, Ontario, Canada

Age                        : 23 Years old (2017)

Parents                  : Patricia Mallette, Jeremy Jack Bieber

Nation                   : Canada

Years Active       : 2008-present.

Instruments       : Vocals, Guitar

Labels                   : Island, Teen Island, RBMG, School Boy, Def Jam

Web                      :

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber earns so much money from tour, album, endorsement, etc. Of course he makes money so big. He turns from a 13-years-old youtube singer into a top celebrity. Justin Bieber net worth is so high, currently $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, the net worth is pottentially will increase estimated around $60 to $80 million every year. Justin Bieber deserves to get such high net worth as the top singer around the world.

10 Insane Facts about Justin Bieber

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 19:  Justin Bieber performs on stage during his "Purpose" tour at Madison Square Garden on July 19, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

  1. Will Smith is his mentor. According to Will, they speak once a week. Will Smith is just like a father for him giving him a lot of suggestion and advice. They have a lot in common, as two close people.
  2. Justin Bieber love Disney! It is a wow fact! His favorite film is The Lion King, really sweet!
  3. He can speak French fluently. I do not know how Justin Bieber learns about French, but it is adorable that he can speak it fluently. Probably he has many French friends.
  4. He wants to be an architect. If he was not a singer, he would be an architects. Jusbin Bieber dreamed to be an architects, and he wanted to design many popular building in town.
  5. He learn guiter, drums and piano by himself. He taught himself and he did not helped by any teacher. Its pretty insane, but it is a great talent which leads him to be such as popular as today.
  6. He auctioned his hair after cutting it. He started it for $12,000 on eBay, unsurprisingly it sold for about $40,000. Then, he donates it to charity. I have no idea what bidder does to Justin Biebers hair, anyway.
  7. He loves breakfast with Berry Captain Crunch. You can try this food, and feel like you were Justin Bieber, lol!
  8. His father Jeremy was a MMA fighter.
  9. His favorite sandwich is tomato and mayo on Wonder Bread, it sounds great, isn’t it?
  10. The last but not least, Justin Bieber is claustrophobic. He does not like crowded spaces, such as

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