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Finding the right Home security system

It is the obligation of us as the homeowner to secure our home and protect it from burglars and strangers. However, we all realize that we cannot protect it 24 hours, even if we hire someone as security. To be securer, we need to have something that can watch our home in 24 hours. We must have such kind of security machine so that we can protect our home as always even when we are sleeping.

Securing our home is not only about material possessions, it is also about securing people we love inside the home. So, investing money for buying a good quality security system is something very worthy. Here are several tips we provide for you when choosing the right home security system;

First of all, you need to know that there are many companies who provide security system for your home. So you need to carefully consider about the right company to deal with. Find the company that provides your desire, so check the detail before you choose one. Check its history and background. Do not forget as well to read the review from its previous customer. A good reputation of a company would lead you to satisfaction.

Secondly, you need to go over to the company products and services. There are some different offering, including wireless and wired security system. Make sure you check the brands and the features of the product. Do not forget as well to check about its warranty. Having enough product knowledge is very important before you deal. Consider as well about the price whether it meets your budget or not.

The last but not least, do not forget as well to check whether the company provides free services or not. Some company provide free services including relocation free when you decide to move house in the future. It will be something good to consider because it is not good to pay more for relocation.

3 Home Design Trends in 2019

You may think very hard about the design of your home. It will be something very confusing to choose the best home design that meet your preference. There are many different styles and design selection to be the part of your consideration. A good home design could provide pride and convenience to its owner. So, be careful in choosing the appropriate home design, make sure it fits your budget and personal style.

Then, if now you are looking for the best home design ideas, here are several ideas which may be the trends during 2019. Check these out.

Tiny House Design

Downsizing a home is still popular among people in united states. People switch from living in a big house into living in a tiny house as their second home only for entertainment and life style. However, for several people who undergo problem with budget, tiny house becomes a very good solution because it may cost no more than $50.000. If compared to building a big home which can cost more than $100.000, the price is a very good news. Although it is small and limited, everyone still can live big and convenient.

Classic American Design

Second home design trend that becomes trend in 2019 is classic American design. This kind of design has been very popular since centuries ago, getting some modification and improvements according to the recent style of people in decorating home. Its characteristic is its window treatment, furniture selection, an elegant stone fireplace, also with wooden floor and framed ceiling. This design has cozy look of all time.

Modern House Design

Modern house like urban house design might be a trend in 2019. With simple design and bold color, the house offers best feeling of comfort and style. You also can combine it with other elements like industrial elements and traditional elements to make it more sophisticated. It has a very flexible design idea to décor.

Do Not Eat These Foods Before Flying

Have you ever thing that some foods may cause harmful reaction to our body when we are in flight? Of course, drinking bad foods just before you go flight can be really harmful for your body, which makes you cannot enjoy the hours flight at all. It will be very terrifying, isn’t it? You should be prepare not to eat many kinds of foods before going flight, unless it only will make your journey feels as a nightmare.

I have experienced flying from Singapore to Beijing, and it took around 7 hours duration. I eaten extra meals just before the flight, you can guess what happens to me? Yes, i felt little bit ache in my stomach, so I went to the toilet many times. It was a nightmare. Then I decide to control the foods coming into my stomach the time before flight. I do not want to experience it anymore. I hope you so.

Actually there are many foods better to avoid before flight, including.


Carbonated Beverages

The Gas Giant

Too Spicy Foods

McDonalds Extra Value Meal

Actually you do not need to gut-busting trifecta of grease, alcohol and carbonation can help contribute to a bloat-free flight. Eat more foods with good nutritions and more energy. Foods like McDonalds Extra Value Meal such as greasy bacon, egg and cheese sandwich contains extra fat and calories. Beside, this type of food also can lead to swollen feet, or worse, deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

What is DVT? It is the formation of a blood clot deep inside the body that when breaks free can lodge in the brain, lungs or heart, causing severe damage, even the worse is death. I think it is better to stop consuming it especially just before you go to the sky.

The foods with high-sodium also can cause you to retain water, further contributing to that bloated feeling. So its better to avoids eating too much some healthy foods such as onions, cauliflower, cabbage, beans and also lentils before the flight. It is to avoid something bad happen to your body when you are in the sky. So be careful!

In order to enjoy going travelling, you also need to make your flight becomes as interesting as possible. Do not let something bad happens to your body especially if it is caused by food.

Tips To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Tips To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Many people choose wooden floor for their home. There are many advantages of having wooden floor for home, including benefits of its beautiful appealing, and durability. However, maintaining hardwood flooring is not something easy to do, it is time consuming. Here are several easy tips you can do to maintain hardwood flooring which is time saving, so your hardwood floor can be really last longer and work properly.

How to maintain hardwood flooring

If you use natural hardwood flooring, you need to make sure that you re-sand and re-varnish the wood by using protective coating every few years. This step can make the hardwood flooring life longer and work properly.
Avoid walking on the wooden floor by using high heels, either natural or faux wood floor. It can cause scratches, dents and also chips. Remember as well that you do not put heavy goods on the surface because it could damage the floor.

Lay floor runners or mats on it especially if it is laid in high traffic areas such as hallways and kitchen. It helps collecting dirt and protecting the surface of your hardwood floor.

How to clean hardwood flooring

Cleaning the wooden floor is one of the best way to maintain wooden floor. Cleaning wooden floor is not by running vacuum over the floor, you need to do special treatment. You can simply sweep the wooden floor with soft bristled brush, the brush helps removing clumps of dirt on the floor. You also can use damp cloth or mop to sweep the floor. Avoid using excessive amount of water because it can cause problem. When dry, you can use wax or wood polish and also buff to give sparkling effect to the floor.

Trip To Italy – Best Destination to Visit

 Traveling to Europe will be so much interesting for everyone. Italy is one of the most popular country to visit in Europe where people can enjoy some architectural building with traditional Italian taste, and some beautiful scenery of its nature. If you visit Italy, you should try Venice, or Silicy. There are some places you can visit in Italy that offers super fascinating look and beauty you should not miss when you come to Italy.
What are they? Here are they with explanations.
Cinque Terre

One of the must-visit place in Italy is Cinque Terre. There are five villages in Cinque Terre including Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso and Corniglia. This village is located in Italy’s northwestern coastal region of Liguria. It features very beautiful scenery of the country that every visitors should try. It offers world’s best coastal view to enjoy. You can also visit the blue trail which is suitable for all ages.

When visiting Italy, do not forget as well to visit this one of the most beautiful island in Mediterranean Sea. This is a beautiful autonomous region of Italy which also includes some smaller isles. The place is separated around 2 miles (5 km) from the mainland region of Calabria. This place offers you rich of history with beautiful artistic look and stunning natural scenery. It also features Europe’s tallest active volcano, Mount Etna.

If you visit Italy, you also should try to visit Naples. Naples is one of the busiest metropolitan cities in Italy. This is the capital of the Campania region in Shoutern Italy. It features the treasure trove of art works and some historical sites in the country. You can enjoy shopping there, some popular Italian foods, and also enjoy different life style while exploring the area.

Milan is one of my favoite. It was destroyed during world war II and now reconstructed. It is one of the most beautiful city in Europe with mega fashion center. Milan is very attractive featuring famous treasure like Leonardo da Vinci’s painting. Beside, you also can see La Scala Opera House, The Last Supper, and also the Castello Sforzesco. In milan, one of the most attractive place many tourist always visit is world’s largest Gothic Cathedral. Milan is a glamour city with high end architecture.

If you want to feel the best experience of visiting Italy, Venice is a must-visit place. It is a unique city because it is built built upon a lagoon surrounded by the Adriatic Sea. This city is located in the northeastern Italy with 118 islands all connected. It has beautiful waterways and natural view to make up your mind.

Tips and Tricks To Travel with Baby

Have you ever consider to do travelling with baby? Some people might think that it sounds little bit exhausting. Anyway, taking a baby into a travelling, eventhough for an international travelling, will be very fascinating. For some people, travelling with baby sound like an oxymoron, but there is a solution you need to try anyway.

Travelling with baby sometime do not let you be able to enjoy many adventurous moment in the beach,. However, it is not a problem if you can do well preparation, and also do some tricks in order you can enjoy all the moments in your own family trip.

Invite someone which can assist you to look after your baby during vacation. This will be very important because you may not be able to handle the baby by yourself. So you will need a partner to assist you looking after your baby when you are busy enough. You should deal with people who join you that when you are too busy, they can handle your baby. Or you can hire someone to assist you.

The second important thing you should keep in mind when you want to go to travelling by taking your baby, you need to pack well. Do not pick too much unneened stuffs because it can only make you feel overwhelmed.

Arrive earlier. You need to arrive earlier to the travel destination, because you need to prepare many things in your hotel such as preparing the baby needs such as crib and pillow, and also settling everything well. Set your room as comfortable as possible for your baby, including your prepare your own playroom with pile of toys there.

If you want to feel comfortable travelling with a baby, you also need to bring a box of wipes, and also lay out a changing pad. Designate a baby-changing station can help you a lot. You should stack a bunch of diapers in one area.

Do not forget also to create your own kitchen and play space for your baby. Even if your hotel room does not have bar area or kitchen, you should have your own to help you preparing baby foods, snacks, bottles, dishes. The last but not least, the trick you should do when travelling with baby is napping smart. Napping smarts is needed, consider to nap smartly such as nap earlier, and wear your baby well before taking nap. So she/he will be so comfortable.

What is The Difference Between Traveling and Travelling

The word traveling is very familiar among us. Traveling is my hobby, and probably many people’s hobby as well. When it comes to choose between traveling and travelling, because we often here both of the words in our daily life. You may feel so confuse what word to choose among traveling and travelling. Which one is the right one? Here are the explanation about it, hopefully will not make you feel confuse anymore.

traveling is a very fascinating hobby, because you go to the other place and see new beautiful places, feel the new experience, and enjoy different cultures and life style in that place. How many times people use the word traveling, people use it in articles, as well as in daily conversation.

Which one is the right, ‘travelling’ or ‘traveling’. The answer is, both of the words are true.

When you read word ‘traveling’, it must be American who writes it. When you read the word ‘travelling’, it must be UK who write it. American English usually shorten something, so they eliminte another L in the world travelling, so it become traveling. However, Australian and UK specially use word travelling. The use British English so the double the last consonant when it only has two or less syllables.

So, it is right if you want to use both of the words for both conversation and writing. But you need to know with who you are talking, or for who you are writing. When you are facing American, it is better to use traveling. When you are talking with British or Australian, the word travelling is the most appropriate.

I hope this article is really helpful for you who feel so curious. Happy traveling/travelling guys!

Things To Check Before You Go Traveling

 Going traveling must be the dream of everyone. Wise people say that spending money on the new experience or traveling will give you the more happiness rather than spending it to purchase a thing. So,when i have money, i would rather to spend it for going vacation, to any place i really want during my life. Hawaii will always be a good destination to visit with its beautiful beach, but i also really interested in visiting places with great history and great architectural ancient heritage.

Going traveling should be to a place which gives you a new experience of feeling, seeing or tasting something. So when it comes to choose the best place to visit, you can go to the mountainous area to pamper your eyes, to the beach so you can sunburn, or the the ancient city so you can learn something.

That’s why, my first tips before you go traveling is ensure that you have chosen the right destination. Then, think also about who do you want to go with. You can go alone, or invite someone like friends, family, or your spouse.

Before you land, ensure first have these things in your lugage, so you can enjoy your day trips without missing anything.

Your personal wear should be the things you must have in your lugage. Clothes you take should be adjusted into the season of the place you’re going to visit. It is not appropriate if you visit Indonesia, the tropical country, while bringing bundles of jacket and sweater. Meanwhile you will only feel hot sun there or at least a rainy day. Just make sure the things you take is appropriate, and it is better for you to recheck the bags before you take off.

Personal care is also a must have items to bring. Especially if you go traveling to abroad, you know that the special personal care you need probably doesn’t exist in that place. It will be a trouble. So, ensure that your own personal care is with you when you go.

Bring the adaptor charger for you phone. You do not want to miss any moment in that beautiful place without taking photos while you can post it on social media, so the phone is essential. However, different country has different hole for electricity, so make sure you bring the appropriate one.
If you are going to go abroad, and you think that it is difficult for you to find any foods fit to your taste, you can bring some foods of your country to the lugage to anticipate when you are really hungry and nothing to eat or nothing you would like. However, be careful while carying the foods.

3 Most Beautiful Unexplored Place In The World To Visit

When you want to have a super excited experience of spending time in a  beautiful place, you should find a green place, or a beach, or a place with tropical weather. Finding the best place to relax will be so much interesting, to help your mind being cooler and relax. So, what is your favorite place?

Is that Hawaii? New Zealand? Or Santorini Island? Everyone has their own preference, and you can consider to visit the best place you like the most to make you get the best experience of traveling.

If you feel bored and mainstream visiting the same place every year, you can consider these three unexplored place in the world you can visit. You can make a schedule when you visit one of these places.


how about Greenland? This is one of the most mysterious place in the world. This very large area is also the Northernmost country in earth with 8,36,300 square miles and 80 percentage of it covered by ice. It is very near from North pole, Kaffeklunnen Island of Greenland is just 442 miles from the pole. That’s why this land is one of the most unexplored place in earth. However, you can try to do traveling to this place to see many wonderful things such as glaciers, ice flowing rivers, midnight Sun, hot springs and Northern lights. There are only 56250 people live according to data taken in 2016. You can get around the land by using helicopter plane, boat or snowmobile.

Amazon Rainforest South Africa

Have you ever imagined living a very beautiful forest? You can try to visit Amazon Rainforest South Africa. This area is around 2.5 million sq. mi, and this place holds half of rain forests on Earth. You can enjoy the rest of biodiversity in this place including many rare species lived there. Amazon is one of the beautiful unexplored place on earth one day you should try to visit. You can see dramatic view of the rainforest and its species.


Do you want to have a super fantastic experience visiting the most mysterious land in the world? So you need to consider to visit Antarctica, or people usually call it as the south pole. This is the coldest, driest and windiest place on Earth. The lowest temperature ever recorded of this place is -89 degree celcius, which makes this place less explored because its harsh climate. However, if you want to try traveling to antarctica, you can try camping there and enjoy its beautiful scenery.

Wooden Vs Metal Gates, Which One Is Better?

Wooden Vs Metal Gates, Which One Is Better?

One of a very important aspect in your home is the gate. It has several benefits including for giving security, safety and comfort. A beautiful gate also can set look and add style to your home exterior. There are different choices of gates you can find in the market including metal and wooden gates. You may feel very confuse about choosing two different types of choices. We are going to help you making a consideration about it.

Benefits of Metal Gates

The first advantage of metal gates is security. It offers enhanced security system. Metal gates are sturdy and tough so it is excellent for high security system. Secondly, metal gates also offer durability. One of the main factor why people choose metal gates is about its durability. It can withstand more than two decades, and of course it is a very good news for investing money.
The ease of maintenance and enhanced look are the other excellent benefits of having metal gates at home. It offers you elegant look, modern look even traditional look to your property.

Benefits of Wooden Gates

Wooden gate is another good choice for your home security and safety system. Why you need to consider having wooden gates? It also offers you some benefits including natural look. Wood gives earthy atmosphere to the house so it is very good for you who love natural appealing. Premium quality hardwood gate also can perfectly enhance your home exterior, and gives the cozier look to your home. However, the price might be expensive. Hardwood gate is also sturdy and strong so it will be a perfect choice for good security system.


To decide whether buying metal or wooden gates, you need to consider about your home style at first. If you use mostly modern material as your home element, metal gates will be a good choice. If you use mostly natural material as the element, wooden gates will be your good choice. Consider as well about the price and maintenance. Wooden gate may need harder maintenance and higher price than metal gates.