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3 Home Design Trends in 2019

 You may think very hard about the design of your home. It will be something very confusing to choose the best home design that meet your preference.

There are many different styles and design selection to be the part of your consideration. A good home design could provide pride and convenience to its owner. So, be careful in choosing the appropriate home design, make sure it fits your budget and personal style.

Then, if now you are looking for the best home design ideas, here are several ideas which may be the trends during 2019. Check these out.

Tiny House Design

Downsizing a home is still popular among people in united states. People switch from living in a big house into living in a tiny house as their second home only for entertainment and life style. However, for several people who undergo problem with budget, tiny house becomes a very good solution because it may cost no more than $50.000. If compared to building a big home which can cost more than $100.000, the price is a very good news. Although it is small and limited, everyone still can live big and convenient.

Classic American Design

Second home design trend that becomes trend in 2019 is classic American design. This kind of design has been very popular since centuries ago, getting some modification and improvements according to the recent style of people in decorating home. Its characteristic is its window treatment, furniture selection, an elegant stone fireplace, also with wooden floor and framed ceiling. This design has cozy look of all time.

Modern House Design

affordable modern homes twin beds with drawers underneath extendable square dining table –

Modern house like urban house design might be a trend in 2019. With simple design and bold color, the house offers best feeling of comfort and style. You also can combine it with other elements like industrial elements and traditional elements to make it more sophisticated. It has a very flexible design idea to décor.

How to Make Your Small Bedroom Feels Larger

Bedroom is a very essential part in everyone’s home. Decorating a small bedroom is our obligation so we could feel very comfortable to stay longer there. Bedroom is also as a very private place of someone and a place where someone spends most of his/her time at home. Having problem with small bedroom? There are many solutions you can consider regarding this problem. With easy step and ideas you can make your small bedroom feels larger.

How to make your small bedroom feels larger? There are several tips you can do in order to make a small bedroom feels larger and more comfortable.

First of all, it is very important for bedroom owner to choose best bedroom color. Color can set mood and set room’s appearance. For small bedroom, it will be a very good choice to have lighter wall color. You can color your bedroom mostly in white or bright yellow, and just give a little accent to make it more alive.

Secondly, it is very essential as well for you to choose the right furniture. Sometime, a king size bed is not appropriate for a small bedroom because it is too large and could make your small bedroom feels stuffy. Go with the other alternatives such as queen size bedding or single bedding, it depends on your need.

Next, utilize underneath bed as storage. It will be effective to save more spaces. You can install drawers and then it can be used as a wardrobe or storage to put your personal stuffs. Do not put too much things inside bedroom because it can make the room feels stuffy. Choose only one most important.

Applying large mirror in one side in bedroom will be very effective to make your room feels larger. You can find mirror wall décor ideas in the market in wide variety pattern to fit your style. It will be a very good way to give larger effect to the room.

Tips To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Tips To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Many people choose wooden floor for their home. There are many advantages of having wooden floor for home, including benefits of its beautiful appealing, and durability. However, maintaining hardwood flooring is not something easy to do, it is time consuming. Here are several easy tips you can do to maintain hardwood flooring which is time saving, so your hardwood floor can be really last longer and work properly.

How to maintain hardwood flooring

If you use natural hardwood flooring, you need to make sure that you re-sand and re-varnish the wood by using protective coating every few years. This step can make the hardwood flooring life longer and work properly.
Avoid walking on the wooden floor by using high heels, either natural or faux wood floor. It can cause scratches, dents and also chips. Remember as well that you do not put heavy goods on the surface because it could damage the floor.

Lay floor runners or mats on it especially if it is laid in high traffic areas such as hallways and kitchen. It helps collecting dirt and protecting the surface of your hardwood floor.

How to clean hardwood flooring

Cleaning the wooden floor is one of the best way to maintain wooden floor. Cleaning wooden floor is not by running vacuum over the floor, you need to do special treatment. You can simply sweep the wooden floor with soft bristled brush, the brush helps removing clumps of dirt on the floor. You also can use damp cloth or mop to sweep the floor. Avoid using excessive amount of water because it can cause problem. When dry, you can use wax or wood polish and also buff to give sparkling effect to the floor.

Wooden Vs Metal Gates, Which One Is Better?

Wooden Vs Metal Gates, Which One Is Better?

One of a very important aspect in your home is the gate. It has several benefits including for giving security, safety and comfort. A beautiful gate also can set look and add style to your home exterior. There are different choices of gates you can find in the market including metal and wooden gates. You may feel very confuse about choosing two different types of choices. We are going to help you making a consideration about it.

Benefits of Metal Gates

The first advantage of metal gates is security. It offers enhanced security system. Metal gates are sturdy and tough so it is excellent for high security system. Secondly, metal gates also offer durability. One of the main factor why people choose metal gates is about its durability. It can withstand more than two decades, and of course it is a very good news for investing money.
The ease of maintenance and enhanced look are the other excellent benefits of having metal gates at home. It offers you elegant look, modern look even traditional look to your property.

Benefits of Wooden Gates

Wooden gate is another good choice for your home security and safety system. Why you need to consider having wooden gates? It also offers you some benefits including natural look. Wood gives earthy atmosphere to the house so it is very good for you who love natural appealing. Premium quality hardwood gate also can perfectly enhance your home exterior, and gives the cozier look to your home. However, the price might be expensive. Hardwood gate is also sturdy and strong so it will be a perfect choice for good security system.


To decide whether buying metal or wooden gates, you need to consider about your home style at first. If you use mostly modern material as your home element, metal gates will be a good choice. If you use mostly natural material as the element, wooden gates will be your good choice. Consider as well about the price and maintenance. Wooden gate may need harder maintenance and higher price than metal gates.

Home Color Trend 2019 That Will Be Your Best Choice

 Choosing the best home color is very essential. We do not let our home wall as a blank canvas. A wall is just like a canvas where its owner can put creativity on it by choosing the right wall color and décor.

Color can significantly set mood. You can create moody to cheerful room feeling only by choosing the appropriate color relates to the feeling. If now you are looking for the right home color that will work best for you, here are some suggestions from us.

Dark green

This dark green wall color has been very popular since 90’s and will be a top trend in 2019. The aesthetic look of this dark color will stun everyone and set the look of moody to elegant. This kind of home color selection become the spotlight in interior design in 90’s, and would be one of the good choice again in 2019.

The dark green wall color can set moody appearance, also set muted look according to the point of view of people. The color can perfectly emulate feeling of lush botanicals, healing powers and also dramatic style. This color selection is a very good option for large spaces to make the room appears darker and dramatic.


People love something creamy and inviting. Hazelnut could be the wall color trend in 2019 because it can successfully bring warmth and friendly look. This color will never go out of style also as a classy look to easily combine with many different styles and colors of furnishing. This color is very eye-pleasing and can easily mix with many kinds of wall décor.
Hazelnut could be a very good option for your home. This can brightened up the room and also catch the more lights. You can choose variety shades of hazelnut to apply in your room wall.


Applying neutral color will be a good option. One of the best neutral color is grey. Lilac grey will be a good color choice and will be the wall color trend in 2019. This is one of the most classic paint colors especially for you who are looking for modern home design. Lilac grey appears warmer than other shades of grey color. This will be a good choice to refreshing your room and to give comfort effect and eye-pleasing look. For minimalist home design, the color can work best.

Tips To Maintain Inground Swimming Pool

 Do you have an inground swimming pool at home? Maintaining it and cleaning it are something very important to do so everyone, especially children, can safely swim there.

Swimming pool is usually located in backyard or the outdoor living space. You can spend your good quality time with lovely family there while playing water and swimming together. So, to keep everyone’s pleasure, it is very important to maintain it very well.

The first very important thing you need to keep in mind is that it is very important to clean it regularly. So you need to make a schedule about when you need to clean your inground swimming pool. A bad maintenance swimming pool may cause health issue and even damage to the pool itself. You need to remove debris regularly. You can use standard leaf skimmer net and do clean regularly.

It is also very recommended to cover swimming pool during fall season, you can protect your pool from debris effectively without requiring to clean it daily. There are several choices of covering swimming pool including manual or automatic cover. It depends on your need and your budget when choosing kind of cover for your inground swimming pool.

It is also very important to clean the wall and also floor of your pool you can do at least one a week. This is very essential for sanitization. Use strong scrubbing to remove dirt, a vacuum with high power also will work best for you. Do not forget the corners and pool’s stairs.

Filtering the pool is also essential to keep your pool work well. You can use swimming pool water filter or clean it properly at least one every month. Use a water testing kit to check ph of the water to maintain it.

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