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Jaden Smith Biography You Must Know

Who does not know about Jaden Smith? He firstly known for his role in “The Karate Kid” released in 2010. He is is an American actor and rapper. He is the son of Jada Pinkett Smith and popular actor, Will Smith. Jaden Smith’s first movie role was with his father in the 2006 film “The Pursuit of Happyness”. The movie which leads him to the peak popularity was “The Karate Kid” watched by kids around the world. At the time, Jaden was still 11. As a young boy and son of popular actor, her acting was impressive and satisfying.


If you are a huge fan of Jaden Smith, here are his short biography you need to know.

Full Name                            : Jaden Christopher Syre Smith

Born                                      : July 8, 1998, Malibu, California, United States

Age                                        : 18 Years Old (in 2017)

Occupation                         : Actor, Rapper

Height                                   : 5′ 9″

Parents                                  : Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith

Siblings                                 : Willow Smith, Trey Smith

Albums                                 : CTV2, The Cool Cafe, This is The Album

Label                                     : Columbia

Movies                                 : The Get Down (2016), After Earth (2013),  The Karate Kid (2010), The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008), etc.

Jaden Smith is one of the coolest teenage boy this year, and I love him so much. He has cute face, attractive attitude, muscle body. Yes, he turns into a hot guy after formerly he has predicate as a stylish celebrity son. He also ever had relationship with Kylie Jenner before she met Tyga. However, their relationship is not last long. Jaden Smith now is also associated with Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Woods, perhaps for their project of advertisement.

Thank you for reading this article, if you have another important information about Jaden Smith, feel free to share it in comment box below.

Unknown Facts About Zayn Malik that Will Shock You

The most handsome singer i have ever seen. Yes, he is Zayn Malik. The ex member of One Direction really impresses me since his first appearance with his ex group in song “What Makes You Beautiful”. Right now, he is also the recipient of several accolades, including two Teen Choice Awards I am a huge fan of him, and I dream one day I want to have a partner like him. But unfortunately, he belongs to a hot model Gigi Hadid right now.


Zayn Malik hooks up with Gigi Hadid since early 2016. They are a hot couple. Zayn is one of the highest paid singer in the world, while Gigi is one of the best ranked supermodel in the world. The two are so cute, and make me jealous.

If you are also a big fan of him, here are facts about Zayn Malik you need to know.

  1. Zayn Malik full name is Zain Javadd Malik
  2. He was born in Bradford, England, UK in 12 January 1993
  3. His height is 5’9’’, shorter than Gigi Hadid
  4. His net worth reach up to $49
  5. His Parents are Trisha Malik and Yaser Malik
  6. Zayn means beautiful in Arabic. While Malik means king. So, basically he is a beautiful king.
  7. It is a funny fact that until Zayn became a member of One Direction, he had never owned a passport or even been on board a plane. In fact, the first time One Direction took a flight together, the boys managed to convince him the plane would flip over. It’s tough to imagine that scene now, considering the boys have played over 71 shows around the world in the past year alone.
  8. Zayn had unique pre-show traditions when he was with 1D. He has the strangest tradition. He used to brush his teeth before hitting the stage. He wants to look perfect in front of his fans.
  9. He engaged to Perrie Edwards in 2013.
  10. He is a member who had kissed the most fans, wow!
  11. He was named Best Dressed Male by GQ. in 2014. He looks so stunning with his bomber jackets, and he appears super cool in his dark dress shirts under dark suits. He deserves to get the honor for top style.
  12. He scares of cat.
  13. He is aquaphobia, so he do not want to swim in open water, and actually he cannot swim. Haha
  14. He designed most of his tattoos by himself, it is adorable.
  15. His favorite sing is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. He loves the King of Pop very much.

Drake Biography and Personality

One of my favorite song is Hotline Bling, it is Drake’s song. Drake is a Canadian Rapper and singer which has release some popular songs including Hotline Bling in 2016, One Dance in 2016, and also Fake Love in 2017. Drake draws my attention because he has many great songs, and his clip of Hotline Blings is unique with his dance. So, if you are a big fan of drake as well, there are many things about drake you need to know.

Drake Biography


Born Name                         : Aubrey Drake Graham

Born                                      : October 24, 1986 (age 30), Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Nation                                   : Canada

Occupation                         : Rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor

Website                               :

Genres                                 : Hip hop, R&B, Dancehall

Labels                                   : OVO Sound, Young Money, Cash Money, Republic, Aspire, Universal Motown, Boy Better Know.

Associated with                    : Rihanna, The Weeknd, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, PartyNextDoor.

Award and Nomination

Drake becomes one of the popular rapper these days, and it is proven by many awards and nominations he received. Drake has had four songs being certified triple platinum in the U.S. for combined sales plus streaming units as of July 2016, with “Best I Ever Had”, “Jumpman”, “Over”, and “Hold On, We’re Going Home”. His “Hotline Bling” song also gets quintuple platinum with over 5 million units, he also gets positive review for his songs.

Drake also has won total of 3 Grammy Award from 27 nominations as of 2017. He also won 2 MTV Video Music Award, and also ranked as number one rapper by Complex. Drake gives different rule to hip hop music style, and he deserves to get all the nomination and award.

Things You Must Know About Alan Walker

Faded song become the hits in 2016, and not all people know that someone behind the great song is a nineteen-years-old boy. Yes, he is Alan Walker. He is occasionally known as DJ Walkzz, is a Norwegian music producer and DJ. He is best known for the 2015 single “Faded”, which received platinum certifications in over 10 different countries. It is a very fantastic achievement of music industry a nineteen-years-old obtain.


Here is a short information about Alan Walker you need to know. He would be one of the maestro of electric music the world has.

Personal Information

His full name is Alan Olav Walker, famous with only Alan Walker. He was born in Northampton, United Kingdom in August 24, 1997. The nineteen-years-old boy is a popular musician playing electronic dance music, electro house, progressive house, and also synth-pop. He joins the labels such as Sony Music, DM Music Group, RCA Records, and many more.

His nationality is British and Norwegian. He moved to Bergen, Norway with his family when he was two years old. His mother is Norwegian and his father is English.

Life Before Fame

Alan Walker is probably as one of the most popular DJ working right now, with “Faded” leads him to the peak of popularity. However, before he is popular, he was a young teen boy who has passion in music. He began pursuing his music production career in July of 2012 and slowly began posting his music to YouTube and SoundCloud.


Alan Walker’s song, “Faded”, received platinum certifications in over 10 different countries, it is something very satisfying. Besides, he also gets some prestigious awards such as Eska Special Award, MTV Europe Musis Award for Best Norwegian Act, Spellermann Award for Hit of the Year. We are proud of you, Alan.

Facts About Shawn Mendes You Must Know

Girls must be really adore to the hot talented guy, Shawn Mendes. He rocks the world with his hits entitled, “Treat You Better”. The song leads him as one of the brightest and youngest man singer in his country, and also in the world. Shawn Mendes is a Canadian, just like Justin Bieber. He becomes one of the hottest teen guys, because he has good voice, he has some cool songs, and he can play guitar. He is a perfect combination of muscle, hot body, masculine and cute face, good talent, and much money of course.


I am also the big fan of Shawn Mendes, and I dream to meet him one day in my life. I want to hear him singing my favorite song of him, “Treat You Better” in live performance. If you also a big fan of him, here are the small information about him you should know.

Full Name                            : Shawn Peter Raul Mendes

Born                                      : August 8, 1998 in Toronto, Canada

Age                                        : 18 (2017)

Occupation                         : Singer and Songwriter

Genres                                 : Acoustic, pop, folk pop

Website                               :

9 Unknown Facts about Shawn Mendes

  1. He is afrad of the ocean. The hot tallented guy fears with ocean, especially if he is being alone. There is nothing make him so fear except being in the ocean by himself, i can feel how scare it.
  2. Shawn hates tomatoes. I don’t even think that Shawn hates tomatoes, but it is funny. He feels that tomatoes is disgusting. Some people aso do not eat tomatoes because it is a class of plants called nightshades which is also associated with chronic diseases. However, there is no scientific information which support this claim.
  3. Shawn really admire Emma Watson. He loves Harry Potter movie very much, and he loves Emma Watson role in the movie as Hermione. He thinks that she’s badass.
  4. Who knows that he has an alternate personality. Mendes has said that his alter-ego is named Benito, if he wants to be serious he could be Benito.
  5. He toured with Taylor Swift. On her 1989 World Tour, Swift invited Mendes to join her on stage for his birthday. He turned into 17 years old at that time.
  6. Another interesting fact about him is that he also really wants to live like another normal teenager. His instagram is also featured with workouts, prom, and other things that normal teenager do.
  7. Shawn Mendes learned to play guitar when he was 13 years old.
  8. Shawn Mendes has bad time. He experienced lost wallet even up to more than 10 times. He is little bit clumsy and forgetful. He also broken his phone more than 5 times, oh my godness.
  9. He is proud to be Canadian.


All About Justin Bieber Fans Must Know

Who does not know about Justin Bieber? The cute boy that turns into a hot guy. Justin Bieber has milion followers and fans all around the world, which makes him as the most popular male singer in the world. Every people will always remember his super popular hits, “Baby”, which rocks the world in around 2010. Justin Bieber was very popular on youtube. His mother post him while singing and playing guitar when he was around 13. His popularity on youtube lead him to his highest achievement of career.



Full Name            : Justin Drew Bieber

Occupation         : Singer and Songwriter

Genre                   : Pop, R&B

Born                      : March 1, 1994 London, Ontario, Canada

Age                        : 23 Years old (2017)

Parents                  : Patricia Mallette, Jeremy Jack Bieber

Nation                   : Canada

Years Active       : 2008-present.

Instruments       : Vocals, Guitar

Labels                   : Island, Teen Island, RBMG, School Boy, Def Jam

Web                      :

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber earns so much money from tour, album, endorsement, etc. Of course he makes money so big. He turns from a 13-years-old youtube singer into a top celebrity. Justin Bieber net worth is so high, currently $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, the net worth is pottentially will increase estimated around $60 to $80 million every year. Justin Bieber deserves to get such high net worth as the top singer around the world.

10 Insane Facts about Justin Bieber

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 19:  Justin Bieber performs on stage during his "Purpose" tour at Madison Square Garden on July 19, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

  1. Will Smith is his mentor. According to Will, they speak once a week. Will Smith is just like a father for him giving him a lot of suggestion and advice. They have a lot in common, as two close people.
  2. Justin Bieber love Disney! It is a wow fact! His favorite film is The Lion King, really sweet!
  3. He can speak French fluently. I do not know how Justin Bieber learns about French, but it is adorable that he can speak it fluently. Probably he has many French friends.
  4. He wants to be an architect. If he was not a singer, he would be an architects. Jusbin Bieber dreamed to be an architects, and he wanted to design many popular building in town.
  5. He learn guiter, drums and piano by himself. He taught himself and he did not helped by any teacher. Its pretty insane, but it is a great talent which leads him to be such as popular as today.
  6. He auctioned his hair after cutting it. He started it for $12,000 on eBay, unsurprisingly it sold for about $40,000. Then, he donates it to charity. I have no idea what bidder does to Justin Biebers hair, anyway.
  7. He loves breakfast with Berry Captain Crunch. You can try this food, and feel like you were Justin Bieber, lol!
  8. His father Jeremy was a MMA fighter.
  9. His favorite sandwich is tomato and mayo on Wonder Bread, it sounds great, isn’t it?
  10. The last but not least, Justin Bieber is claustrophobic. He does not like crowded spaces, such as