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What is The Difference Between Traveling and Travelling

The word traveling is very familiar among us. Traveling is my hobby, and probably many people’s hobby as well. When it comes to choose between traveling and travelling, because we often here both of the words in our daily life. You may feel so confuse what word to choose among traveling and travelling. Which one is the right one? Here are the explanation about it, hopefully will not make you feel confuse anymore.

traveling is a very fascinating hobby, because you go to the other place and see new beautiful places, feel the new experience, and enjoy different cultures and life style in that place. How many times people use the word traveling, people use it in articles, as well as in daily conversation.

Which one is the right, ‘travelling’ or ‘traveling’. The answer is, both of the words are true.

When you read word ‘traveling’, it must be American who writes it. When you read the word ‘travelling’, it must be UK who write it. American English usually shorten something, so they eliminte another L in the world travelling, so it become traveling. However, Australian and UK specially use word travelling. The use British English so the double the last consonant when it only has two or less syllables.

So, it is right if you want to use both of the words for both conversation and writing. But you need to know with who you are talking, or for who you are writing. When you are facing American, it is better to use traveling. When you are talking with British or Australian, the word travelling is the most appropriate.

I hope this article is really helpful for you who feel so curious. Happy traveling/travelling guys!

How To Prevent Breast Cance

Women must worry about breast cancer. It is a deadly disease, and only few people can survive from this disease. Breast cancer is such a nightmare for every woman, it is something really bad. The good news is, these days there are many treatments which can help breast cancer feels better. However, before everything too late, we need to do some preventive ways earlier. Love our body, and lower the risk of some deadly diseases including breast cancer.

So, here are step by step you need to do to minimise breast cancer.

Have Your Ideal Weight

keep your weight in check. You should have normal weight to balance your body and its metabolism. You should control and check it regularly. By maintaining healthy weight can help you lower the risk of many diseases including cancers. Breast cancers, usually happened after menopause, so let ourselves in our ideal weight as always.

Eat Fruits And Veggies

Doing healthy diet can help you to lower the risk from deadly diseases, including breast cancer. Eat veggies and fruits containing anti cancer and antioxidant. Eat lot of fruits as your meal, consume veggies everyday. people believe that some fruits such as apple containing anti cancer to reduce cancer risk.

Drink Alcohol in Moderation

Drinking alcohol can harm your body. If you cannot stop this, at least you drink it in moderation. Avoid high containing alcohol drinks, and limit your alcohol consumption per day.

Don’t Smoke

Smoking could be the factor of many deadly diseases including cancer. Non smokers have lower risk of suffering cancer. Get yourself free-smoking.

Be Active

You need to be physically active. Do exercise regularly, let yourself move and encourage yourself to do exercise. Choose easy exercise such as jogging, walking, running in treadmill, and some circuit exercises. Spend at least 30 minutes in a day to do sport  and exercise.


If it is possible, you need to breastfeed your baby. It can help you lowering the risk of breast cancer.

Avoid Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills can be one of the factor increasing the risk of breast cancer. It has both plus and minus. However, you need to avoid it after the age 35. For younger women, the risk is lower. On the other hands, for younger women, the long term-used of birth control pills can also have important benefits, like lowering the risk of ovarian cancer, colon cancer and uterine cancer.

Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

I love drinking coconut water. This is not only popular, but it has many benefits which are good for our health. I regularly drink coconut water at least twice a week, and I love drinking it in the morning, after breakfast. I realize that it can give me some benefits to make our body feel fresher and better.

Below are some incredible benefits of drinking coconut water. You will feel amaze of this stunning thing.

Coconut Contains More Water

Yes, coconut water is just a water, but everyone knows that drinking much water can keep body healthy and stay hydrated. Coconut water contains about 95% water, and it is good for hydration. It functions just like the plain water. However, it also has very good taste everybody will love.

Coconut Water Contains Potassium

Do you what it potassium? This is a vital mineral in your body. You should get it enough in your body to keep your brain and nervous system work properly. Coconut water can contribute you getting more potassium which is good for your body, it serves around 13% of of your daily potassium needs.

Coconut Water Contains Magnessium

Besides containing potassium, coconut water also contains magnessium which is good for our body as well. Magnesium is another important component of our diet, but only 32% of people consume adequate magnessium. Magnessium can help body get best energy level which good for body. Coconut serves around 14% of your daily magnesium needs.

Coconut Water Contains Magnessium Antioxidant

One of the incredible thing about coconut water is because it also contain antioxidants which are good for our body. Antioxidants can help our body to prevent damage in it cause by some factors including free radicals. The free radical itself is produced in our body, and coconut can help you to neutralized it. Make sure you include enough antioxidant in your diet, coconut water is a good choice anyway.

Coconut Water Contains Low Calories

Yes, it is another good news I love to hear. Drinking coconut water is my favorite just because it is low in calories. However, it is not entirely calorie-free, but it is very low calories in it. Therefore, coconut water will be a great alternative for you to refresh your mood, and replace the sugar-sweetened drink which is loaded with calories.

Make Your Own Diet Plan

Having a sexy and healthy body is the desire of everyone. Diet is the best thing you can do to gain perfect body as you want. However, diet should have its own role, made with plan with certain method. I am a big fan of Angelina Jolie. In my opinion, she has perfect body. She has diet secret by consuming low calory foods, and by doing exercise regularly on Monday. Exercise is not enough anyway, so one of the best way to gain your body goal is by doing diet.

If you are going to do your own diet program, you should make your own plan. Stick yourself to make the plan. A good plan is the key of your diet project success. Read the tips below to help you making your own diet plan.

Known Your Desire

First of all, you should know your desire. When doing diet, you should determine your own purpose of why you need to do diet? This will be very important to lead you getting succeed in diet program. People have different purpose and desire when doing diet. Some  of the wants to lose weight, some of them want to do diet for health. What kinds of diet program you choose? How many weights you want to lose? You need to design it in the beginning.

Consult to the Expert

Secondly, of course when making the diet plan you also need to consult to the expert such as nutritionist. Do consultation about how to do diet, what foods you should it, what foods you should avoid. Make menu, and you should obey it. Nutritionist will give you tips and suggestion to do during diet. Especially if you have special disease or physical problem, consultation is a must before doing diet.

Enlarge Your Knowledge

Of course another very important thing you need to do when you are going to do diet is by reading the more. Enlarge your knowledge about nutritions. These days, many information are shared freely in internet.

Workout Regularly

Healthy lifestyle is not only by doing diet. You also need to do workout regularly. You can do some easy workout such as jogging, walking, cycling, and many types of circuit exercises. You will gain success in diet if you do workout as well.

Stick Yourself

Yes, the last but not least, you need to stick yourself! You should obey all the rule and design of your diet program you have made. You should be able to manage yourself to do all the program as well as possible.

11 Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the dream of many woman around the world. Of course staying healthy during pregnancy is the necessity. It is important for both mother and baby. Keeping our health during pregnancy will not be too hard. It can be done so interestingly. So, here are some easy and simple tips to stay healthy during pregnancy. Check it out!

  1. Don’t forget breakfast. Breakfast is a must. You need to do breakfast with cereals, fruits and some other foods containing high nutrients. Consider wheat toast, or whey bread.
  2. Eat foods with fiber. Fiber is important nutrient you should consume during pregnancy. You can find fiber in many types of foods such as leafy greens veggies, fruits, beans and also whole grains.
  3. Snacking is allowed, choose healthy snack. It should be low-fat and low-calories. You can consider whole-grain crackers with low fat cheese.
  4. Eat regularly. You need to eat at least 2 times in a day with high nutrients foods containing protein, omega 3, calcium, and vitamins. Choose foods that your body need. Stay away from junkies. You should add shrimp, tuna, salmon, mackerel, red meat, eggs, and other high protein and omega 3 foods into your list.
  5. Consume multi-vitamin. Do not forget to support foods with multi-vitamins that your body need.
  6. DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. Stay away from alcohol, and choose other healthy alternatives drinks during party.
  7. Drink plenty of water per day, at least 10 glasses a day.
  8. Do not smoke, and stay away from smokers.
  9. Wear comfortably. Choose the best comfortable tops and bottoms for your daily routine, and better to avoid high heels during pregnancy to prevent accident. Choose smooth and silky fabric for clothes material.
  10. Do exercise regularly. You can do easy exercise during pregnancy such as walk in cool, or other simple movement. You can do special exercise for pregnancy with a personal trainer. It can both keep you healthy and make avoid you from stress.
  11. Have adequate sleep.

Take care yourself during pregnancy, it is for the shake of your and your baby health. By doing the ways above, I hope it is helpful to make you stay healthy. Good luck.

Secret of Kylie Jenner Sexy Body

Just like the other sisters, she also loves doing exercise, and maintain her life style by eating healthy foods. However, Kylie Jenner also loves eating sweet foods such as Oreo. Vegetable salad is the good menu she finds almost everyday.

Here are some workout summary done by Kylie Jenner, so you can consider to follow it as well.

Kylie Jenner loves running in Hollywood Hills. You also can consider to run regularly around your house.

She did not always do workout routine in stone, but she loves exercise to loose weight. She realizes that she gained weight, so the exercise is cardio for weight loss.

Kylie tones her body and she uses weight-training exercises. Her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, helps her to focus on her legs, abs, butt & arms.

She also loves drinking fit tea detox, eating Kale Salad and drinking Organing juice to help her lose her weight.

However, Kylie is an adrenaline junkie, we can see it when watching #KUWTK, how she loves junkies so much. However, she realizes as well that her sister, Kendall, eats junkies more than her.

Kylie Jenner Exercises

Here are the exercise she does every Monday and Wednesday

  • Do 1 set of each exercise in the circuit.
  • 15 Min Cardio (3 x 15 minute rounds = 45 min total)
  • Repeat the circuit 2-3 more times.

For the circuit exercise, here are the detail:

Exercise                       Sets                 Reps

Repeat Circuit             2-3                   More Times

Dumbbell Squats         1                     15

Single-Leg Lunges      1                      15

Skater Lunge               1                     15

Side Lunges                  1                      15

Stability Ball Leg

Curls                                1                     15

Cable Lat Pulldowns  1                     15

Dumbbell Rows          1                      15

Dumbbell Bicep Curls 1                     15

Crunches                     1                      25

Reverse Crunches       1                     25

Ball Throws                 1                     25

Mountain Climbers     1                     60 sec

Planks                          1                     90 sec

HIIT Cardio                1                      15 Min

The Monday/Wednesday workout focus is on legs (thighs & glutes), biceps, back & abs. Sometimes, she does this workout on Friday. This is because, if she skips a day, she has to make up for it later in the week.