How to Make Your Small Bedroom Feels Larger

Bedroom is a very essential part in everyone’s home. Decorating a small bedroom is our obligation so we could feel very comfortable to stay longer there. Bedroom is also as a very private place of someone and a place where someone spends most of his/her time at home. Having problem with small bedroom? There are many solutions you can consider regarding this problem. With easy step and ideas you can make your small bedroom feels larger.

How to make your small bedroom feels larger? There are several tips you can do in order to make a small bedroom feels larger and more comfortable.

First of all, it is very important for bedroom owner to choose best bedroom color. Color can set mood and set room’s appearance. For small bedroom, it will be a very good choice to have lighter wall color. You can color your bedroom mostly in white or bright yellow, and just give a little accent to make it more alive.

Secondly, it is very essential as well for you to choose the right furniture. Sometime, a king size bed is not appropriate for a small bedroom because it is too large and could make your small bedroom feels stuffy. Go with the other alternatives such as queen size bedding or single bedding, it depends on your need.

Next, utilize underneath bed as storage. It will be effective to save more spaces. You can install drawers and then it can be used as a wardrobe or storage to put your personal stuffs. Do not put too much things inside bedroom because it can make the room feels stuffy. Choose only one most important.

Applying large mirror in one side in bedroom will be very effective to make your room feels larger. You can find mirror wall décor ideas in the market in wide variety pattern to fit your style. It will be a very good way to give larger effect to the room.

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