Selena Gomez Biography and News

Selena Gomez is one of my favorite actress and singer. She is young and talented, with its beautiful face making people easily fall in love with her. Selena Gomez started her debut when she was 15. The young fresh Selena Gomez took role starring in a Disney Channel series, and it was the beginning of her career in Hollywood and world music industry until today.


Selena Gomez is very popular because of her talent, good attitude, and also her flawless cute face. Do you want to know more about the beautiful Selena Gomez? What is your favorite song? Yes, she has many popular songs loved by kids and adults all over the world. Here are the short information about Selena Gomez you need to know if you are her loyal fans.

Full Name            : Selena Marie Gomez

Occupation         : Actress and Singer

Genre                   : Pop Music

Nation                  : USA

Born                      : July 22, 1992, Grain Prairie, Texas, United States

Age                        : 24 Years old (2017)

Education            : Danny Jones Middle School

Website               :

Label                     : Hollywood, Interscope

Music Group      : Selena Gomez and The Scene (Since 2008)

TV Shows            : Wizards of Waverly Place, Barney & Friends, etc.

Awards                 : American Music Award for Favorite Pop/Rock Femal Artist

Movies                 : Spring Breakers (2002), The Fundamental of Caring (2016), Another Cinderella Story (2008), Monte Carlo (2011), etc.


We all know Selena Gomez since she started her career firstly in Disney Channel series at the age of 15. Soon she became a rich and popular worldwide singer because of her talent. She made some albums with many hits song. She firstly get her opportunity to entertainment since took part on the kids’ TV show Barney and Friends. My favorite song of her is “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” which was released in late of 2014.

Some people might know Selena Gomez’s personal life than her debut in career. Yes, she immediately become well-known all over the world since she dated her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. Gomez and Bieber dated during around 2 years, and became the hottest teen couple at the time. Unfortunately, the broke up in after 2 years together. Selena Gomez now is still the instagram queen, with more than 100 milion followers. Good luck, Selena! We love you.

Unknown Facts About Zayn Malik that Will Shock You

The most handsome singer i have ever seen. Yes, he is Zayn Malik. The ex member of One Direction really impresses me since his first appearance with his ex group in song “What Makes You Beautiful”. Right now, he is also the recipient of several accolades, including two Teen Choice Awards I am a huge fan of him, and I dream one day I want to have a partner like him. But unfortunately, he belongs to a hot model Gigi Hadid right now.


Zayn Malik hooks up with Gigi Hadid since early 2016. They are a hot couple. Zayn is one of the highest paid singer in the world, while Gigi is one of the best ranked supermodel in the world. The two are so cute, and make me jealous.

If you are also a big fan of him, here are facts about Zayn Malik you need to know.

  1. Zayn Malik full name is Zain Javadd Malik
  2. He was born in Bradford, England, UK in 12 January 1993
  3. His height is 5’9’’, shorter than Gigi Hadid
  4. His net worth reach up to $49
  5. His Parents are Trisha Malik and Yaser Malik
  6. Zayn means beautiful in Arabic. While Malik means king. So, basically he is a beautiful king.
  7. It is a funny fact that until Zayn became a member of One Direction, he had never owned a passport or even been on board a plane. In fact, the first time One Direction took a flight together, the boys managed to convince him the plane would flip over. It’s tough to imagine that scene now, considering the boys have played over 71 shows around the world in the past year alone.
  8. Zayn had unique pre-show traditions when he was with 1D. He has the strangest tradition. He used to brush his teeth before hitting the stage. He wants to look perfect in front of his fans.
  9. He engaged to Perrie Edwards in 2013.
  10. He is a member who had kissed the most fans, wow!
  11. He was named Best Dressed Male by GQ. in 2014. He looks so stunning with his bomber jackets, and he appears super cool in his dark dress shirts under dark suits. He deserves to get the honor for top style.
  12. He scares of cat.
  13. He is aquaphobia, so he do not want to swim in open water, and actually he cannot swim. Haha
  14. He designed most of his tattoos by himself, it is adorable.
  15. His favorite sing is “Thriller” by Michael Jackson. He loves the King of Pop very much.

Kendall Jenner $1.39 M Apartment

Kendall Jenner is one of the most popular model working right now. She is still young, beautiful, famous, and also surrounded by many popular celebrity as well. Her family fame is not the only one factor makes her so famous and lucky. She has hard working with her career since she was a child. She take a role in family television series, Keeping Up With The Kardashian.

The model also faces some popular brands, becoming the cover of Vogue and other popular magazines, also joing Victoria Secret Model. With more than 70 million followers in Instagram, she is one of the instagram queen after sisters Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.


Kendall Jenner has some luxurious cars she put in her garage. Her full name is Kendall Nicole Jenner, she was born in November 3, 1995 in Los Angeles California, United States. As a young supermodel, she has very high net worth can reach up to $18 in 2016. With this amount of money, she can purchase many things she wants.

Kendall Jenner has some car collections. Beside, recently she also purchased a luxurious apartment in West Wood, Los Angeles, California. The price of her apartment is $1.39 with 2000 square feet size. There are 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in the apartment. The apartment manager also gives some service such as 24 hour valet, swimming pool, concierge and doorman, heated pool, fitnes center, cathering kitchen, social room, card room, wine storage.

If you want to know more about Kendall Jenner apartment tour and inside look, here are the video you should check.

Healthy Behaviors That Make You Live Longer

It is our own obligation to keep our body healthy. Health is the key of happiness and success. Everyone need to maintain their own health so we all can live longer. Increasing live opportunity is started still we are younger. We can keep our body stay healthy by doing some good behaviors, and avoid some bad behaviors which are really harmful.

We can escape from the treat of many diseases such as stroke, hearth disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases that can cause death. At least, we can lower the risks. So, here are what you need to do to keep healthy as always.

Consume Good Foods

You can find many foods around you, not all of them are healthy. Choose only good quality foods containing many nutrients, vitamins and other substance our body needs for metabolism and growth. Eat veggies, fruits, and animal products in proper portion. Manage your eating time, do not miss your meal time. Good foods coming into your body can help you live longer, on the other side, bad foods loaded with calories, cholesterol and fat can lead you to many diseases including hearth attack.

Maintain Your Healthy Weight

Every people have their own ideal weight. To keep healthy, we also need to keep our ideal weight, and avoid obesity. You need to do some exercise regularly, doing diet with rich in fruits, veggies and whole grains, and eat more slowly. You need to start good lifestyle such as stop snacking during watching TV and movies, encourage yourself to do movement as much as possible.

Don’t Smoke

One of the important thing you need to do if you want to live longer is by avoiding yourself from smoking. More than 1,000 Americans stop for good every day. Some people say it is hard to stop smoking, but of course it is very possible. Knowing that 65% of lung cancer patient are smokers, you do not want to suffer this as well, right?

Drink Alcohol in Moderation

Drinking alcohol may increase risk of cancer and other diseases. But if we want to stay healthy, however, it should be in moderation. You should start moderating how many alcohol coming into you body per day. You can choose nonalcoholic beverages at meals and parties, and avoid occasions centered around alcohol. It can help you stay healthy and live longer if you can do this seriously.

Wooden Vs Metal Gates, Which One Is Better?

Wooden Vs Metal Gates, Which One Is Better?

One of a very important aspect in your home is the gate. It has several benefits including for giving security, safety and comfort. A beautiful gate also can set look and add style to your home exterior. There are different choices of gates you can find in the market including metal and wooden gates. You may feel very confuse about choosing two different types of choices. We are going to help you making a consideration about it.

Benefits of Metal Gates

The first advantage of metal gates is security. It offers enhanced security system. Metal gates are sturdy and tough so it is excellent for high security system. Secondly, metal gates also offer durability. One of the main factor why people choose metal gates is about its durability. It can withstand more than two decades, and of course it is a very good news for investing money.
The ease of maintenance and enhanced look are the other excellent benefits of having metal gates at home. It offers you elegant look, modern look even traditional look to your property.

Benefits of Wooden Gates

Wooden gate is another good choice for your home security and safety system. Why you need to consider having wooden gates? It also offers you some benefits including natural look. Wood gives earthy atmosphere to the house so it is very good for you who love natural appealing. Premium quality hardwood gate also can perfectly enhance your home exterior, and gives the cozier look to your home. However, the price might be expensive. Hardwood gate is also sturdy and strong so it will be a perfect choice for good security system.


To decide whether buying metal or wooden gates, you need to consider about your home style at first. If you use mostly modern material as your home element, metal gates will be a good choice. If you use mostly natural material as the element, wooden gates will be your good choice. Consider as well about the price and maintenance. Wooden gate may need harder maintenance and higher price than metal gates.

Home Color Trend 2019 That Will Be Your Best Choice

 Choosing the best home color is very essential. We do not let our home wall as a blank canvas. A wall is just like a canvas where its owner can put creativity on it by choosing the right wall color and décor.

Color can significantly set mood. You can create moody to cheerful room feeling only by choosing the appropriate color relates to the feeling. If now you are looking for the right home color that will work best for you, here are some suggestions from us.

Dark green

This dark green wall color has been very popular since 90’s and will be a top trend in 2019. The aesthetic look of this dark color will stun everyone and set the look of moody to elegant. This kind of home color selection become the spotlight in interior design in 90’s, and would be one of the good choice again in 2019.

The dark green wall color can set moody appearance, also set muted look according to the point of view of people. The color can perfectly emulate feeling of lush botanicals, healing powers and also dramatic style. This color selection is a very good option for large spaces to make the room appears darker and dramatic.


People love something creamy and inviting. Hazelnut could be the wall color trend in 2019 because it can successfully bring warmth and friendly look. This color will never go out of style also as a classy look to easily combine with many different styles and colors of furnishing. This color is very eye-pleasing and can easily mix with many kinds of wall décor.
Hazelnut could be a very good option for your home. This can brightened up the room and also catch the more lights. You can choose variety shades of hazelnut to apply in your room wall.


Applying neutral color will be a good option. One of the best neutral color is grey. Lilac grey will be a good color choice and will be the wall color trend in 2019. This is one of the most classic paint colors especially for you who are looking for modern home design. Lilac grey appears warmer than other shades of grey color. This will be a good choice to refreshing your room and to give comfort effect and eye-pleasing look. For minimalist home design, the color can work best.

Journey to Singapore, What to Explore

Singapore is one of the smallest city in the world. However, you still can enjoy many things in this small country including its beautiful city, beautiful nature, and the endulging technology. Singapore becomes the most advanced country in Asean, followed by its neighbor Malaysia and Indonesia. Singapore becomes one of the interesting destination in Asean to visit.

Thailand, Philipines and Indonesia offers mostly their beautiful nature for vacationing especially international tourism. Unlike those countries, Singapore tries to offer something different concerning on technology and its advanced system of the town. Do you want to have a journey to Singapore, let’s make a plan right now, and it will be very interesting.

What to explore in Singapore? Is that so worthwhile? Here are many things you should noted.

Gardens By The Bay

Singapore offers you a beautiful garden namely Gardens by the Bay. It is a nature park in Singapore lying on 101 hectares located in central Singapore. You need to visit this place when going traveling to Singapore, it consists of some places such as Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.

Singapore Botanic Garden

If you want to see the tropical plants of Singapore, you also should try to visit Singapore Botanic Garden. This place is located near the Singapore’s main shopping belt. This place is around 156 years old it is also honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Singapore Zoo

Going to Singapore will feel less attractive without visiting its zoo. This place is formerly known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens and commonly known locally as the Mandai Zoo. It is placed on the 28 hectares in the Singapore’s heavily forested central catchment area.

Night Safari

Do you want to experience something different than a regular zoo, you can consider to visit Singapore night safari. There you can interact with the nocturnal animal. This is also as the first nocturnal zoo in the world, which makes this place also as one of the most popular destination to visit in Singapore.

Universal Studios Singapore

If you want to visit a themed park and enjoy moments there, you need to visit Universal Studio Singapore. This is located in the Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, Singapore. Universal Studio Singapore is also another most popular place that tourists visit in this small beautiful country.

Singapore Night Tour

Just try another experience in Singapore by seeing the town in night. It will be fabulous and full of colorful lighting colors. The night also could be romantic somehow.

Shoutern Ridges

How about spending time in shoutern ridges? You will love this place too, just like the other places i have mentioned earlier. This is a 9-kilometre trail that connects parks along the southern ridge of Singapore. It has beautiful view of green areas and the brigdes connecting places.


It is a 2016 Fantasy/adventure movie which suitable for family to watch together. The story is about an adventurous teenage girl named Moana. In the effort to save her people, she sails out on a daring mission. In her journey, she meets a demigod Maui. They both sail across the open ocean with impossible odds and monsters on their way. Well, that is where the great story lies.

Beside of fulfilling the quest of her ancestors, Moana is also seeing her own identity. Especially for girls, this Disney movie is the brand new one to love. However, there are some issues to criticize about it.


As said the journey is about saving her people. If the sea is really on her side, then why not just bring Moana to the site directly? It seems that the sea wants her to be hard in finding the quest. Well, the quest even includes the legendary Maui, the demigod. After all, Maui has done something really bad by stealing the heart of Te Fiti, the creator of all things as well as the Mother Island.

However, there are positive elements by watching this movie. There are educational parts which surely good for children to copy and paste in their life. It is all about sacrifice and loyalty. These qualities are what define the character of Moana. As a determined and focused teenage girl, she fights for what she believes in. A better world is what she after for everyone.

Spiritual content in this movie contains mythology about a demigod and an island goddess. Personally, I think this is just nonsense but I have got to respect others’ belief.

There is no sexual content at all which is greatly safe for children to watch. But, those tattoos on Maui’s body, kids should not see such thing.

A few of thumping moments are shown in this perilous overly movie. The most perilous one is the fights between Maui and fireball-thrower Lava Giant who apparently unpredictable is the Te Fiti herself.

There is something I dislike about Moana anyway. It is about when she is angry and yells out an unfinished words, son of a … It is should be said even by a warrior goddess which she is not at all.

Negative elements about this movie are a few but still bad as they are. The content has drug and alcohol which featured by tranquilizer. Although she is adventure for the sake of her people, Moana should not stand against her father. This is disobedience!

Overall, the animation is bright and colorful which everyone falls in love with. Catchy songs are wonderful as the pairs to the animation.

10 Unknown Facts about Gigi hadid

The beautiful young lady, Gigi Hadid, is really stunning and bright with her career and personal life. Gigi hadid is the daughter of Yolanda Foster, and the older sister of beautiful model Bella Hadid. Gigi Hadid personal life also always become the interesting thing to talk about since he dates ex  One Direction member, Zayn Malik. She is the face of Maybelline, and one of the Victoria Secret’s angel.

Gigi hadid is the the peak of her career, and she becomes one of the most famous supermodel working right now. She’s in some popular and high end catwalk, and she also has a very close relationship with Kardashian-Jenner family. With over 30 million followers in her instagram, and more than 2 followers in twitter, many people know a lot about Gigi. Yes, she is very popular and of course, rich young lady.

So, here are everything you need to know about the supermodel Gigi Hadid. Hope you enjoy it.

Birth Name                         : Jelena Noura Hadid

Occupation                         : Model (Top 50 Models ranking at

Born                                      : April 23, 1995 (21 years old) in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Height                                   : 5’10’’

Parents                                                : Yolanda Hadid/Foster, Mohamed Hadid.

You might don’t know about these facts about Gigi Hadid, so here we are going to tell you.

  1. Number one and most important is, her real name is not Gigi at all.
  2. She’s of Dutch and Palestinian Descent. She close to her mother and her father, althought they are no longer married. Mohamed Hadid was born in Palestine, while Yolanda Foster comes from Netherlands.
  3. She has studied criminal psychology in New York. She wants to be well educated as well, and her big dream is to be a forensic scientist, she said in an interview “I’ve always been interested in [criminal psychology]. First I wanted to be a doctor. Then I wanted to be a forensic scientist. To be a forensic scientist means you have to go to school for eight years. I was like, ‘Over that!’ I realized what I enjoyed was trying to unravel people’s brains, why people commit crimes when they get older.” Good luck, Gigi.
  4. Gigi Hadid’s Step-Dad Was Once Kendall & Kylie Jenner’s Half Brother’s Step-Dad
  5. Gigi Hadid started modelling when she was only 2-years-old. Meanwhile, in her 19-years-old, she has walked for Jean Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs and Chanel.
  6. She loves boxing, and she’s bad-Ass.
  7. She also appeared in some movies, including Sebastian Faena’s short Those Wrecked By Success in 2015.
  8. Her networth reach up to $13 million. It is insane for a young lady.
  9. She loves baked bean. She loves it for breakfast.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

This is one of most awaited movies by moviegoers around the globe. It was firstly released on December 13th 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. I am personally as a fan of the series. Directed by Paul W.S Anderson, this movie, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has earned 307 million USD in the Box Office. Milla Jovovich is the main character who plays the role as Alice.

In this series, we can see how the T-virus unleashed by the evil Umbrella Corp. The infestation of zombies in every corner of the globe is the result of such satanic deed. There are even demons and monsters enraging. As a rouge warrior in the movie, Alice has to fight and put the infestation of zombies, monsters and demons to an end for good. This time, the Red Queen helps her in the struggle.

This video-game inspired franchise movie series could easily continue to another one. Well, I could say that but as the title suggests, it is the end of it.

For you who have been following the movie series since 2002, this one is certainly the end of story to watch. If you are lovers, then you would say “oh no, it’s over”. I would like to see the next one as if the franchise was a serial movie.

Well, there is nothing perfect at all including this one of my favorite movies. In Resident Evil: Retribution, the big battle did not turn so well. In fact, Alice meets her old foe “The Red Queen”. Well, the movie tells that the artificial intelligent program was Alice figure when she was a little girl. The Red Queen wants Alice to return to the hive. The mission is to obtain a vial of “airborne virus”. It has the ability or power to counteract the T-virus which kills for good. However, it mission is not that easy to accomplish.

I also surprisingly find out that there are three Alices. The technology of clone makes it happen. Another surprise is about the evil doctor too that he has also clones.

When it comes to action scenes, some of hand-to-hand combats are exciting. They are undeniably impressing audiences with kinetic athleticism. Many fiery explosions often appear to the unconvincing and expensive ones. Well, what can I say since these things are the elements of action movies around the globe.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is not the coolest series after all. I personally prefer the Resident Evil: Apocalypse more than other series including this one.