The Beauty of New Zealand Must Explore

Who does not know about new Zealand? This country is the part of the Australia Continents, and it is always mentioned as one of the most beautiful country in the world. Visiting new Zealand will be so much interesting. You can explore many beautiful natural places there including beach, forest, landscape, garden and many more.

New Zealand is located in southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main islands and both of them are marked by volcanoes and glaciation. New Zealand has the amazing view of its wonderful nature. Its capital is Wellington, and there is the mount Victoria. New Zealand is also as a set of some popular Hollywood movies such as “Lord of the Rings” films.

What we can do in New Zealand?

Because New Zealand has lots of beautiful beaches, so water sport is one of the most popular activities people do in this country. You can jet boating, luging, skydiving, water rafting, and many more. If you love doing something dare your adrenaline, you can try bungee jumping, and try some other adventurous activities there. New Zealand is also the home for the highest bungee jumping point in the world.

Here are three my favourite spots in New Zealand you also should try

Queenstown, South Island

When we are talking about New Zealand, it is a must have place for you to visit beautiful Queenstown Island. This place will be very cool with its view and local people. The place is snuggled between the shores. This place is New Zealand’s adventure capital where you can do many interesting adventurous things to spend your precious time with loved ones. You also can enjoy restaurants, shops, galleries, beauty and spa, and have a night in a first-class hotel.

Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound, South Island

The Fiordland National Park and Milford Sound are included into World Heritage Site. There you can see some spectacular scenery, including Glaciers sculpted. The dramatic look is very familiar, with its famous fjords of Milford, Dusky, and Doubtful Sounds. This looks amazing with any other looks like offshore islands, gushing cascades, vast lakes, and also virgin rainforests. New Zealand will always be a good option to go traveling.

Coromandel Peninsula, North Island

When you want to see the craggy mountains cloaked in native forest form a spine along the peninsula, the Coromandel Peninsula in North Island offer very amazing look. This place is quite far from the city, so it offers very beautiful natural appealing. You can relax its best view and enjoy golden beaches, sky diving, visiting many galleries and art studios, and many more. One comment, it is truly wonderful.

My Destination Dream I Want to Visit In 2018

Going around the world is the dream of every people. Who does not want to have a beautiful interesting trip to many beautiful place such as beach, big city, historical city, and great underwater. Not exceptionally myself. I really want to go to these places this year. Every place, in my opinion, has its own uniqueness and character which differentiate it from another place.

I always love beautiful view of nature. Nature is amazing creature god made for us, and it is such the best gift he gives to all of us to enjoy, and have relax. The place i really want to visit the most is beautiful beach. I have experienced seeing some beaches in this world, and all of them is fascinating. Some of the beaches have white sand, some have brown sand, and some have so many coconut trees around.

2017 should be the year i can enjoy a lot. I want to try visiting this place in my life, including:

Bali Island

Bali is an island in Indonesian archipelago, and it is nominated as one of the most beautiful island in the world. It looks like paradise, and I really should visit this place in 2017. Bali offers its beautiful beaches, kindess of local people, fascinating show of its local tradition, and also some beautiful historical buildings with its traditional sculpture. One of the most interesting thing I want to enjoy in Bali is the wealth of culinary with rich ingredients. It will be so tasty.

Lombok Island

Have you ever heard about Lombok island? According to wikipedia, Lombok is an Indonesian island east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, part of the Lesser Sunda Island chain. It’s known for beaches and surfing spots, particularly at Kuta and Banko Banko (in south Lombok). The motor-vehicle-free Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno), off Lombok’s west coast, offer more beaches, reefs for diving and snorkeling, and a sea turtle hatchery. I also really want to visit this place once in my life.


Singapore might be the busiest country  in South East Asia. It has become the economic center of South East Asia, and has become developed as the world travelling destination. Marlion state in Singapore is very popular, it also has epic city which makes people really want to visit this place. I hope one day i can come to this country and enjoy its fascinating night life.


One of the city I want to visit in 2017 is the country of Donald Trump, USA. United States of America always remains a great thing in my mind, and I really want to be in New York and Hollywood once in my life. I want to enjoy shopping there, meeting with people, meeting with hollywood celebrities, and also enjoy some foods from all over the world.

5 Best Margot Robbie’s Movies You Must Watch

Margot Robbie is a popular Hollywood actress who has staring some popular movies such as Focus, and also the Legend of Tarzan. She is an Australian actress, and she started her career by her career by appearing in Australian independent films in the late 2000s. She also cast in the soap opera Neighbours, and she earned award and nomination.


I am also one of the big fans or Margot Robbie. She played so stunning in her movie, the Legend of Tarzan as Jane, wife of Tarzan. Then, she also appears in some movies including Suicide Squad and Focus. If you are also a big fan of this beautiful actress, so here are some information you need to know about her.

Born Name                         : Margot Elise Robbie

Born                                      : 2 July 1990 (age 26), Dalby, Queensland, Australia.

Occupation                         : Actress

Residence                           : London, England, United Kingdom.

Alma mater                        : Somerset College

Spouse                                 : Tom Ackerley

1. About Time (2013)

About Time is a romantic comdey/drama from director Richard Curtis. The film starring Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) and co-star Rachel McAdams. Domnhall has ability to travel through time and he attempts to fix his romantic life using that power. Robbie has minimum screen in the movie playing as the young man who catch Tim’s eye.

2. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

You also need to consider to watch this movie. The Wolf of Wall Street released in 2013 starring Jordan Belfort’s (Leonardo DiCaprio). Robbie take rule as Belfort’s second wife. In the movie, she has good personality of beauty, intensity, and she can indicates clearly of her rule.

3. Focus (2015)

Focus is another good movie you need to watch if you are a big fan of Margot Robbie. The movie is starred by Will Smith and Margot Robbie. The movie gives Robbie tremendous opportunity to demonstrate her range and proves that she has a magnetic onscreen.

4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)

Margot Robbie movie you need to watch is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. After working together in Focus movie, directors Gleen Ficarra and John Requa reunited with Robbie for this movie. In this movie, Robbie plays as the Australian correspondent who befriends Kim during her time abroad

5. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is another box office movie ruled by Margot Robbie. This movie tells about a squad of criminal member who are forced to fix a damage in town. Robbie plays as Harley Queen, the girlfriend and “toys” of Joker. She also meets Will Smith and Cara Delevingne in the movie. Her role as Harley Queen is absolutely stunning.

Cara Delevingne Biography and Facts

There are many people becomes the center of attention every year. Supermodel Cara Delevingne gets her own fortune to be one of the very popular model all around the world, and by joining some great modeling events including Victoria secret model. She is an English fashion model and actress. She played in some movies including “Suicide Squad in 2016”, she signed with Storm Model Management after leaving school in 2009.

I am one of her fan, and I really enthusiasts to know more about her personal life and biography.

So here are short biography of the beauty:

Full Name                   : Cara Jocelyn Delevingne

Born                            : August 12, 1992, Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom

Age                              : 24 years-old (2017)

Parents                        : Charles Delevingne, Pandora Delevingne

Siblings                       : Poppy Delevingne, Chloe Delevingne

Upcoming Movie        : Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

10 Facts About Cara Delevingne

If you are also a big fan of beautiful talented Cara Delevingne, these 10 facts about her could be unknown, and you you would be shocked.

  1. She attended Francis Holland School for Girls in central London. Until she was 16, before moving to Bedales School in Hampshire.
  2. Her first appearance is in Vogue Italia at age 10, shot by Bruce Weber.
  3. Her height is 1.78 (5’7), so she is quite short for modeling industry. However, it does not stop her at all. She always try to put her modeling career in the peak just like today.
  4. She signed with Storm Model Management in 2009 after being spotted by Sarah Doukas, the founder of Storm, who had previously discovered Kate Moss.
  5. Cara’s first catwalk appearance was at the February 2011 London Fashion Week, stepping out in the Burberry Prorsum autumn/winter collection.
  6. Her first film role was in the 2012 film adaptation of Anna Karenina. In that movie, Cara played Princess Sorokina, the marriage interest of Count Vronsky, alongside Keira Knightley.
  7. Rita Ora is her bestie and they met in a festival.
  8. Cara also have very close relationship with model besties, the american sweetheart Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner.
  9. Cara has 14 tattoes. This is amazing, right? One of the tattoes is matching with Jourdan Dunn’s tattoo.
  10. She admitted that she is bisexual. There are a lot of rumours about her relationship, including her relationship with actress Michelle Rodriguez.


Things You Must Know About Alan Walker

Faded song become the hits in 2016, and not all people know that someone behind the great song is a nineteen-years-old boy. Yes, he is Alan Walker. He is occasionally known as DJ Walkzz, is a Norwegian music producer and DJ. He is best known for the 2015 single “Faded”, which received platinum certifications in over 10 different countries. It is a very fantastic achievement of music industry a nineteen-years-old obtain.


Here is a short information about Alan Walker you need to know. He would be one of the maestro of electric music the world has.

Personal Information

His full name is Alan Olav Walker, famous with only Alan Walker. He was born in Northampton, United Kingdom in August 24, 1997. The nineteen-years-old boy is a popular musician playing electronic dance music, electro house, progressive house, and also synth-pop. He joins the labels such as Sony Music, DM Music Group, RCA Records, and many more.

His nationality is British and Norwegian. He moved to Bergen, Norway with his family when he was two years old. His mother is Norwegian and his father is English.

Life Before Fame

Alan Walker is probably as one of the most popular DJ working right now, with “Faded” leads him to the peak of popularity. However, before he is popular, he was a young teen boy who has passion in music. He began pursuing his music production career in July of 2012 and slowly began posting his music to YouTube and SoundCloud.


Alan Walker’s song, “Faded”, received platinum certifications in over 10 different countries, it is something very satisfying. Besides, he also gets some prestigious awards such as Eska Special Award, MTV Europe Musis Award for Best Norwegian Act, Spellermann Award for Hit of the Year. We are proud of you, Alan.

Facts About Shawn Mendes You Must Know

Girls must be really adore to the hot talented guy, Shawn Mendes. He rocks the world with his hits entitled, “Treat You Better”. The song leads him as one of the brightest and youngest man singer in his country, and also in the world. Shawn Mendes is a Canadian, just like Justin Bieber. He becomes one of the hottest teen guys, because he has good voice, he has some cool songs, and he can play guitar. He is a perfect combination of muscle, hot body, masculine and cute face, good talent, and much money of course.


I am also the big fan of Shawn Mendes, and I dream to meet him one day in my life. I want to hear him singing my favorite song of him, “Treat You Better” in live performance. If you also a big fan of him, here are the small information about him you should know.

Full Name                            : Shawn Peter Raul Mendes

Born                                      : August 8, 1998 in Toronto, Canada

Age                                        : 18 (2017)

Occupation                         : Singer and Songwriter

Genres                                 : Acoustic, pop, folk pop

Website                               :

9 Unknown Facts about Shawn Mendes

  1. He is afrad of the ocean. The hot tallented guy fears with ocean, especially if he is being alone. There is nothing make him so fear except being in the ocean by himself, i can feel how scare it.
  2. Shawn hates tomatoes. I don’t even think that Shawn hates tomatoes, but it is funny. He feels that tomatoes is disgusting. Some people aso do not eat tomatoes because it is a class of plants called nightshades which is also associated with chronic diseases. However, there is no scientific information which support this claim.
  3. Shawn really admire Emma Watson. He loves Harry Potter movie very much, and he loves Emma Watson role in the movie as Hermione. He thinks that she’s badass.
  4. Who knows that he has an alternate personality. Mendes has said that his alter-ego is named Benito, if he wants to be serious he could be Benito.
  5. He toured with Taylor Swift. On her 1989 World Tour, Swift invited Mendes to join her on stage for his birthday. He turned into 17 years old at that time.
  6. Another interesting fact about him is that he also really wants to live like another normal teenager. His instagram is also featured with workouts, prom, and other things that normal teenager do.
  7. Shawn Mendes learned to play guitar when he was 13 years old.
  8. Shawn Mendes has bad time. He experienced lost wallet even up to more than 10 times. He is little bit clumsy and forgetful. He also broken his phone more than 5 times, oh my godness.
  9. He is proud to be Canadian.


Travelling Tips With Less Budget

Going traveling will need high budget, and it will be sometime overwhelming. So, is that possible to go travelling with limited budget? Of course it is. Be a smart traveller, spend less budget to get greatest travelling experience. We can break the opinion that going travelling needs high amount of money. Experience something amazing with beloved ones in limited budget only.

The seasoned budget travelling will not be cheap. People spend more dollar for travelling, they save money from months before. You can do many things here to make your travelling is very cheap.

Just do the things here, and you can save more money even until hundred dollars.

Choose Cheap Flights

Price of tickets for flight or train, or bus, would be very cheap. Choose cheap tickets, some company or airlines offer cheap ticket. You also can look for the promotional ticket, or ticket in weekdays. Weekday ticket will be cheaper than weekend ticket. You can save money up to 50%. Choose economy class if you want to save more money.

Fly in Weekday

Weekday price flight will be lots cheaper than weekend flight. Avoid fly in weekend, unless you need to pay more.

Consider Alternate Airports

Consider alternate airports that offers you low-cost airlines. If the destination is not a major city, choose the airport bringing you closer to the destination.

Pack Lights

just fit everything you need for your trip in a carry-on bag, do not take too much stuffs because it can make your bag heavy. The more weights and bags you have in to the flight can cost higher than the single bag. So, make sure you pack things that you need the most. Then, it can help you to save more money. Check things before you fly.

Consider to Rent House or Apartment

The price of hotel would be so expensive, and the space is limited enough. If you are travelling in group, it is better to rent house or apartment because it will be so much lower cost than living in a hotel. Beside, the space is also usually larger. However, you cannot enjoy many facilities what you can get in hotel.

Consider to Walk Everywhere

When you are in a vacation, consider to walk everywhere so it can save money than you pay taxi. Choose low price accommodation such as public transportation. If you pack good pair of shoes just try walking because it makes you healthy and can save hundred dollars.

Do Research

Before you go travelling to a place, it is better for you to do the research about that place. Where you can find healthy cheap foods, what places you can visit with low budget, and many more. It can help you a lot during your vacation.

3 Caribbean Popular Destination Short Review

Do you know about Caribbean? According to Wikipedia, the Caribbean is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. The region is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America. This region offers you very beautiful view of its wonderful nature, offers you best place to travel with somebody you love the most.

Caribbean offers most beautiful beach in the world, with its fascinating underwater look. Yes, unique local people and its tradition becomes another interesting things. This regions has around 40 million people live there. You can enjoy your days in this place very much.

In this occasion, i’m going to share with you some best places you do not miss when you are traveling to Caribbean. So, what are they? Here are the they.


Have you ever heard about Curacao? This is a good place to visit in Caribbean consisting historic settlements, rugged landscapes and plenty of fun in the sun. Everone will love this look and having so much enjoy there. Willemstad is the main port city in Curacao. The city is amazing as an Old World European city brightly painted Dutch colonial buildings with pinks, yellows and blues into the cerulean St. Anna Bay. The city is not only historical, in Curacao you also can enjoy diving and enjoying the the semi-arid island is sheltered from the worst of the Atlantic’s hurricane season. There you can enjoy the amazing outdoor look best of the best.

Puerto Rico

Why should go to Puerto Rico? There are many reasons why need to go to this place. It is just because it has amazing thing you need to explore. It is only less than 3 hours flight from Miami, and you can enjoy the town exploring many amazing things here. It has both 20-foot waves for surfers and calm, clear waters for many families.

Puerto Rico also has some popular places such as Calle del Cristo, Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy, El Yunque, and many more. Do you want to try one by one?

You can also enjoy other things beside its nature beauty in Puerto Rico such as having casual drink at the San Sebastián bar.. Enjoying the nightlife, and also relax to pamper yourself.


Jamaica is a very popular name, it is the heart of the Caribbean, and also the birthplace of reggae music. Jamaica has the all-inclusive resorts. So, why should go to Jamaica? This place is called as the land of sugar cane, coffee and limestone. You can enjoy cream-colored beaches, enjoying blue mountains, and also explore waterfalls. Travellers can enjoy the all-inclusive resort, but usually we cannot venture too far to the outside area. Jamaica is the third-largest island of the Caribbean, you should make a traveling plan in the beginning, and also choose your priority what to do first.