3 Caribbean Popular Destination Short Review

Do you know about Caribbean? According to Wikipedia, the Caribbean is a region that consists of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts. The region is southeast of the Gulf of Mexico and the North American mainland, east of Central America, and north of South America. This region offers you very beautiful view of its wonderful nature, offers you best place to travel with somebody you love the most.

Caribbean offers most beautiful beach in the world, with its fascinating underwater look. Yes, unique local people and its tradition becomes another interesting things. This regions has around 40 million people live there. You can enjoy your days in this place very much.

In this occasion, i’m going to share with you some best places you do not miss when you are traveling to Caribbean. So, what are they? Here are the they.


Have you ever heard about Curacao? This is a good place to visit in Caribbean consisting historic settlements, rugged landscapes and plenty of fun in the sun. Everone will love this look and having so much enjoy there. Willemstad is the main port city in Curacao. The city is amazing as an Old World European city brightly painted Dutch colonial buildings with pinks, yellows and blues into the cerulean St. Anna Bay. The city is not only historical, in Curacao you also can enjoy diving and enjoying the the semi-arid island is sheltered from the worst of the Atlantic’s hurricane season. There you can enjoy the amazing outdoor look best of the best.

Puerto Rico

Why should go to Puerto Rico? There are many reasons why need to go to this place. It is just because it has amazing thing you need to explore. It is only less than 3 hours flight from Miami, and you can enjoy the town exploring many amazing things here. It has both 20-foot waves for surfers and calm, clear waters for many families.

Puerto Rico also has some popular places such as Calle del Cristo, Parque de las Cavernas del Río Camuy, El Yunque, and many more. Do you want to try one by one?

You can also enjoy other things beside its nature beauty in Puerto Rico such as having casual drink at the San Sebastián bar.. Enjoying the nightlife, and also relax to pamper yourself.


Jamaica is a very popular name, it is the heart of the Caribbean, and also the birthplace of reggae music. Jamaica has the all-inclusive resorts. So, why should go to Jamaica? This place is called as the land of sugar cane, coffee and limestone. You can enjoy cream-colored beaches, enjoying blue mountains, and also explore waterfalls. Travellers can enjoy the all-inclusive resort, but usually we cannot venture too far to the outside area. Jamaica is the third-largest island of the Caribbean, you should make a traveling plan in the beginning, and also choose your priority what to do first.

5 Things Must Do in Dubai

Dubai has become the very popular destination in the world visited by rich and mega rich people to enjoy life style there. Dubai will offer you many pleasure and best moments to spend holiday with lovely people. Dubai also always become one of the favorite destination for honeymoon. So when you are looking for the place with luxury life style, best-ranked hotel, best foods all around the world, and best destination to see amazing of human creature, Dubai will be what you need.

According to Wikipedia, Dubai is a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene. Burj Khalifa, an 830m-tall tower, dominates the skyscraper-filled skyline. At its foot lies Dubai Fountain, with jets and lights choreographed to music. On artificial islands just offshore is Atlantis, The Palm, a resort with water and marine-animal parks.

So what you can do in Dubai? Here are the list of interesting things you do not miss to do when in Dubai.

Spend Night In Opera

Spending night in opera in Dubai will be very exciting. You can catch Madam Butterfly at Dubai Opera at the weekend. This will be an amazing show everyone can enjoy. You also can enjoy Giacomo Puccini epic show performed by the National Welsh Opera.

Pamper Yourself

How about pampering yourself in Dubai? You can enjoy the Armani Hotel spa which offers ladies a complimentary body scrub or express facial with any 80-minute treatment. In Dubai you can enjoy doing scrub, facial, massage treatment, spa, and many more. Dubai is place for many five star hotels and spas.

Seafood Star

Beside enjoying the night opera and best class spa, you also can enjoy eating best seafood in the world. Dubai offers you British cooking sensation Deliciously Ella as the healthy foods in Dubai Food Festival. You can enjoy eating seafood there.

Checking Out the Asks Colour Carnival

Consider to Check Out the Asks Colour Carnival and get involved in it. Just head down to Rugby Park today for a day of music, food, and, well, colour. You can enjoy color carnival in this place.

Cruise Around Dubai

How about cruise around Dubai? This also will be a very good idea you need to consider if you visit Dubai. Cruise around dubai can give you a good experience to see the town from water. Dubai offers you many things interesting you shouldn’t miss.

Beauty and the Beast

This is one of classic tales of princesses of Disney. This fantasy/romance movie of Beauty and the Beast was released on March 16th 2017 in USA. Its duration is 2h 19m. Staring Emma Watson as Beauty and Dan Stevens as the Beast, they are directed by Bill Condon. This is actually the remake after remakes of Beauty and the Beast since vintage era. The story is about a beautiful, bright and independent young woman, Belle. To save her father in the prison of the Beast, she lets herself captured to replace him and imprisoned in the castle. First of all, she was afraid but then befriends the staffs in the castle. They are enchanted. As time passes, she finally recognizes a prince that lives inside the Beast. She finds him kind-hearted. This is where the romance begins.

My first comment is that why Disney remakes this story? Are they trying to do the right thing by polishing it with brand new popular faces like Emma Watson? I mean a feminist sass injection on Emma Watson as Belle? Come on! That is a little bit of interesting but I think that there are much better actresses who can play the role. They would be Jordyn Jones, Natalie Alyn Lind, Brec Bassinger, Meredith Mickelson, Peyton Roi List, Debby Ryan and more other beautiful girls who deserve the role.

The coming of Beauty and the Beast is like revamping a material that has gone all out spectacle. However, the director Bill Condon did it very nicely which makes the movie lovable as if there were nice touches. Well, there are cons in every pros. I think that the design is overbearing for the movie.

One thing that really bothers me is about the talking dinnerware. I mean, yes the movie is a fantasy genre but talking teapot, cup and so on? This is just too much to consume even for a high level magic.

Overall, the story of this Beauty and the Beast is bringing 2D cartoon into real human with animation. There is no additional story that makes them different one from another. Nothing at all!

This movie does not suit boys but at least young couples who search for romantic one, this is a nice reference. Girls from tween to teen are for sure to love this film. However, the kissing scene should not be there at all. It is bad for the education. Kids should not see such of thing.

7 Easy Tips To Get Best Seat On the Plane

Going traveling by using plane sometime will be exhausting. An international traveling destination would make you sit down on a plane in long time. You need to look for the best seat where you can experience the best sitting for hours. There are some problems usually occur to an international traveller when they are in the plane, including the narrow legroom, the war over the armrest, sometime people also experience anybody kicking the back of seat. It would be very annoying, and uncomfortable.

So, how to guarantee that the seat we choose will give us the best seat for hours flight? You can choose seat in front, in the middle, or in the back. It depends on you and your comfort.

Here we have some simple tactics in order you getting best seat for comfortable flight, among others:

  1. Buy tickets early. Buying ticket earlier can help you getting number of seat available and you have wide range of selection. You can choose the seat you really want. If online check is not available, you should arrive to the airport earlier.
  2. Becoming the member of frequent flier program. This can help you to get best seat you want Make yourself as a loyal and high-ranking member. It can help you a lot.
  3. Do not forget to select the seat when you book. Some of the booking engines and airlines allow you to check the seat when you are purchasing a ticket. Select the seat earlier than others. For high-ranking frequent fliers, they offer program to get few extra inches of seat pitch toward the front of the coach cabin.
  4. How about purchasing a better seat you want? Consider it well! You can pay more for better and larger seat.
  5. Confirm the seat at check in. Do not forget to do this so you are sure the seat you have booked in online is yours, it is only for confirmation. Just do this after you check in.
  6. Be specific. You should be specific of where you are going to sit, the seat has its number and do not forget you reserve it well.
  7. Get to the airport early. It is better to come earlier than coming late.

Every international traveler might really want to have a super comfortable seat for their hours flight. Doing all the things above hopefully can work for you. Good luck. I love sharing this idea with you all.

Suicide Squad

They are all expandable figures. They form a team of dangerous and villainous individuals. It consists of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo and more. 2h and 17m make this movie quite a long one to watch. There are intrigue, drama, love and conspiracy poured. It was released on August 1, 2016. Action and comedy mix together.

The story is about super criminals who formed a suicide squad. The mission was to stop “Enchantress” from building a weapon that could destroy the Earth. Well, each story always has its own lines including the bad guys and the good guys. Between self-interest or focusing on the mission, they are crazy enough to take on the mission.


The plot holes leave a head-scratch. You can see less drama and half-baked support of the characters. However, the story is straightforward without any complicated thing except the love-story between Harley Quinn and Joker. There are slick pieces of action set, zany dark comedy moments, and gripping beats of characters.

Among all super-villains, Deadshot and Harley Quinn are most notable. To the role of becoming the Deadshot, Will Smith has succeeded of bringing his charm and chops of action. A sympathetic entry point is to the movie very well. Thanks to him.

Harley Quinn which played by Margot Robbie is a deranged-minded character. However, she’s quite aware of the assignment given to her and the team. Yes, she’s in the dangerous effort to save the world that hates a-kind-of-her. Harley has succeeded in bringing the dynamic performance with bubbly comedy physically. Thanks to her.

The visual effect and design are striking especially in scenes of Enchantress. Among all figures, I think that Killer Croc is an awkward addition to the plot. I do not know but, he should not be in this movie at all.

Another deranged story of this movie is about the strong relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker. It seems that these two nuts deserve each other well. It is messed up yet captivating relationship in the story of comics brought to the big screen, I suppose.

The Suicide Squad is the reverse version of superhero movies. Colorful costumes and dulling glossy visuals are shown by the costumes. You can watch the movie in 3D and 3D IMAX. However, very dark is unavoidable. In 3D, we can experience a bigger screen with a better sound just like any superhero blockbuster. Well, it might be better sticking to 2D screen at the moment.

3 Home Design Trends in 2019

 You may think very hard about the design of your home. It will be something very confusing to choose the best home design that meet your preference.

There are many different styles and design selection to be the part of your consideration. A good home design could provide pride and convenience to its owner. So, be careful in choosing the appropriate home design, make sure it fits your budget and personal style.

Then, if now you are looking for the best home design ideas, here are several ideas which may be the trends during 2019. Check these out.

Tiny House Design

Downsizing a home is still popular among people in united states. People switch from living in a big house into living in a tiny house as their second home only for entertainment and life style. However, for several people who undergo problem with budget, tiny house becomes a very good solution because it may cost no more than $50.000. If compared to building a big home which can cost more than $100.000, the price is a very good news. Although it is small and limited, everyone still can live big and convenient.

Classic American Design

Second home design trend that becomes trend in 2019 is classic American design. This kind of design has been very popular since centuries ago, getting some modification and improvements according to the recent style of people in decorating home. Its characteristic is its window treatment, furniture selection, an elegant stone fireplace, also with wooden floor and framed ceiling. This design has cozy look of all time.

Modern House Design

affordable modern homes twin beds with drawers underneath extendable square dining table –

Modern house like urban house design might be a trend in 2019. With simple design and bold color, the house offers best feeling of comfort and style. You also can combine it with other elements like industrial elements and traditional elements to make it more sophisticated. It has a very flexible design idea to décor.

All About Justin Bieber Fans Must Know

Who does not know about Justin Bieber? The cute boy that turns into a hot guy. Justin Bieber has milion followers and fans all around the world, which makes him as the most popular male singer in the world. Every people will always remember his super popular hits, “Baby”, which rocks the world in around 2010. Justin Bieber was very popular on youtube. His mother post him while singing and playing guitar when he was around 13. His popularity on youtube lead him to his highest achievement of career.



Full Name            : Justin Drew Bieber

Occupation         : Singer and Songwriter

Genre                   : Pop, R&B

Born                      : March 1, 1994 London, Ontario, Canada

Age                        : 23 Years old (2017)

Parents                  : Patricia Mallette, Jeremy Jack Bieber

Nation                   : Canada

Years Active       : 2008-present.

Instruments       : Vocals, Guitar

Labels                   : Island, Teen Island, RBMG, School Boy, Def Jam

Web                      : Justinbiebermusic.com

Justin Bieber Net Worth

Justin Bieber earns so much money from tour, album, endorsement, etc. Of course he makes money so big. He turns from a 13-years-old youtube singer into a top celebrity. Justin Bieber net worth is so high, currently $200 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. However, the net worth is pottentially will increase estimated around $60 to $80 million every year. Justin Bieber deserves to get such high net worth as the top singer around the world.

10 Insane Facts about Justin Bieber

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 19:  Justin Bieber performs on stage during his "Purpose" tour at Madison Square Garden on July 19, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

  1. Will Smith is his mentor. According to Will, they speak once a week. Will Smith is just like a father for him giving him a lot of suggestion and advice. They have a lot in common, as two close people.
  2. Justin Bieber love Disney! It is a wow fact! His favorite film is The Lion King, really sweet!
  3. He can speak French fluently. I do not know how Justin Bieber learns about French, but it is adorable that he can speak it fluently. Probably he has many French friends.
  4. He wants to be an architect. If he was not a singer, he would be an architects. Jusbin Bieber dreamed to be an architects, and he wanted to design many popular building in town.
  5. He learn guiter, drums and piano by himself. He taught himself and he did not helped by any teacher. Its pretty insane, but it is a great talent which leads him to be such as popular as today.
  6. He auctioned his hair after cutting it. He started it for $12,000 on eBay, unsurprisingly it sold for about $40,000. Then, he donates it to charity. I have no idea what bidder does to Justin Biebers hair, anyway.
  7. He loves breakfast with Berry Captain Crunch. You can try this food, and feel like you were Justin Bieber, lol!
  8. His father Jeremy was a MMA fighter.
  9. His favorite sandwich is tomato and mayo on Wonder Bread, it sounds great, isn’t it?
  10. The last but not least, Justin Bieber is claustrophobic. He does not like crowded spaces, such as

How to Make Your Small Bedroom Feels Larger

Bedroom is a very essential part in everyone’s home. Decorating a small bedroom is our obligation so we could feel very comfortable to stay longer there. Bedroom is also as a very private place of someone and a place where someone spends most of his/her time at home. Having problem with small bedroom? There are many solutions you can consider regarding this problem. With easy step and ideas you can make your small bedroom feels larger.

How to make your small bedroom feels larger? There are several tips you can do in order to make a small bedroom feels larger and more comfortable.

First of all, it is very important for bedroom owner to choose best bedroom color. Color can set mood and set room’s appearance. For small bedroom, it will be a very good choice to have lighter wall color. You can color your bedroom mostly in white or bright yellow, and just give a little accent to make it more alive.

Secondly, it is very essential as well for you to choose the right furniture. Sometime, a king size bed is not appropriate for a small bedroom because it is too large and could make your small bedroom feels stuffy. Go with the other alternatives such as queen size bedding or single bedding, it depends on your need.

Next, utilize underneath bed as storage. It will be effective to save more spaces. You can install drawers and then it can be used as a wardrobe or storage to put your personal stuffs. Do not put too much things inside bedroom because it can make the room feels stuffy. Choose only one most important.

Applying large mirror in one side in bedroom will be very effective to make your room feels larger. You can find mirror wall décor ideas in the market in wide variety pattern to fit your style. It will be a very good way to give larger effect to the room.