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Beauty and the Beast

This is one of classic tales of princesses of Disney. This fantasy/romance movie of Beauty and the Beast was released on March 16th 2017 in USA. Its duration is 2h 19m. Staring Emma Watson as Beauty and Dan Stevens as the Beast, they are directed by Bill Condon. This is actually the remake after remakes of Beauty and the Beast since vintage era. The story is about a beautiful, bright and independent young woman, Belle. To save her father in the prison of the Beast, she lets herself captured to replace him and imprisoned in the castle. First of all, she was afraid but then befriends the staffs in the castle. They are enchanted. As time passes, she finally recognizes a prince that lives inside the Beast. She finds him kind-hearted. This is where the romance begins.

My first comment is that why Disney remakes this story? Are they trying to do the right thing by polishing it with brand new popular faces like Emma Watson? I mean a feminist sass injection on Emma Watson as Belle? Come on! That is a little bit of interesting but I think that there are much better actresses who can play the role. They would be Jordyn Jones, Natalie Alyn Lind, Brec Bassinger, Meredith Mickelson, Peyton Roi List, Debby Ryan and more other beautiful girls who deserve the role.

The coming of Beauty and the Beast is like revamping a material that has gone all out spectacle. However, the director Bill Condon did it very nicely which makes the movie lovable as if there were nice touches. Well, there are cons in every pros. I think that the design is overbearing for the movie.

One thing that really bothers me is about the talking dinnerware. I mean, yes the movie is a fantasy genre but talking teapot, cup and so on? This is just too much to consume even for a high level magic.

Overall, the story of this Beauty and the Beast is bringing 2D cartoon into real human with animation. There is no additional story that makes them different one from another. Nothing at all!

This movie does not suit boys but at least young couples who search for romantic one, this is a nice reference. Girls from tween to teen are for sure to love this film. However, the kissing scene should not be there at all. It is bad for the education. Kids should not see such of thing.