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By spending only 58 million USD budget, Deadpool has earned 760.3 million USD since its release on February 12, 2016. It is a funny and quite interesting action movie of 2016. Featuring cheerfully demented, it is the origin story of the movie. What can I say about it? Well, nastiness is represented by a few scenes and languages. If you do not want your kids to say bad words, you better not to let them watch this one.

Ryan Reynolds suits very well to play as Deadpool. As one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe delegations, the film was a shine. Fast and ferocious make the movie really features good action. Nasty comedy adds its own value for an underrated.

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Ryan Reynolds is not a kind of star who screams Blockbuster immediately. However, his first appearance in 2009 suits very well to play as Deadpool. It was in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. He became a mutant with many different powers taken from other mutants. A little figurine of him also shows in Deadpool movie. My question is, Deadpool died in the story, right? So how he can play the role in the movie “Deadpool”? I believe that the setting of Deadpool is more to the future than the fast. What do you think of that?

Although the story line is just good, but lame it’s in matter of timeline. I mean, come on! You cannot just make a movie without correlation with other links that should be related.

Another thing which makes Deadpool not suitable for kids is its extreme crudeness and irreverence. As said on a few scenes, yeah Deadpool is not a superhero. He is more of badass vigilante who seeks for revenge. That’s it and not more.

“Negasonic Teenage Warhead”, what kind of name is that? Well, maybe she is a powerful teenage girl but the name is too much and not too efficient for one-on-one battle.

One of the most exciting fights is between Colossus Vs Angel Dust. She is a strong woman who can get even with a metal man. I love the superhero landing. Even Deadpool gives her a credit for it. Well, actually Colossus can easily beat the crap out of her without spending much time and effort. He just hated to hit a woman, he said.

This movie has a love story after all. Although most of it are sexually tendencies (in my opinion), the final clips show it at last. However, the movie is not suitable for kids or family to watch. The contents are for adults.