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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

This is one of most awaited movies by moviegoers around the globe. It was firstly released on December 13th 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. I am personally as a fan of the series. Directed by Paul W.S Anderson, this movie, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter has earned 307 million USD in the Box Office. Milla Jovovich is the main character who plays the role as Alice.

In this series, we can see how the T-virus unleashed by the evil Umbrella Corp. The infestation of zombies in every corner of the globe is the result of such satanic deed. There are even demons and monsters enraging. As a rouge warrior in the movie, Alice has to fight and put the infestation of zombies, monsters and demons to an end for good. This time, the Red Queen helps her in the struggle.

This video-game inspired franchise movie series could easily continue to another one. Well, I could say that but as the title suggests, it is the end of it.

For you who have been following the movie series since 2002, this one is certainly the end of story to watch. If you are lovers, then you would say “oh no, it’s over”. I would like to see the next one as if the franchise was a serial movie.

Well, there is nothing perfect at all including this one of my favorite movies. In Resident Evil: Retribution, the big battle did not turn so well. In fact, Alice meets her old foe “The Red Queen”. Well, the movie tells that the artificial intelligent program was Alice figure when she was a little girl. The Red Queen wants Alice to return to the hive. The mission is to obtain a vial of “airborne virus”. It has the ability or power to counteract the T-virus which kills for good. However, it mission is not that easy to accomplish.

I also surprisingly find out that there are three Alices. The technology of clone makes it happen. Another surprise is about the evil doctor too that he has also clones.

When it comes to action scenes, some of hand-to-hand combats are exciting. They are undeniably impressing audiences with kinetic athleticism. Many fiery explosions often appear to the unconvincing and expensive ones. Well, what can I say since these things are the elements of action movies around the globe.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is not the coolest series after all. I personally prefer the Resident Evil: Apocalypse more than other series including this one.