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Suicide Squad

They are all expandable figures. They form a team of dangerous and villainous individuals. It consists of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang, El Diablo and more. 2h and 17m make this movie quite a long one to watch. There are intrigue, drama, love and conspiracy poured. It was released on August 1, 2016. Action and comedy mix together.

The story is about super criminals who formed a suicide squad. The mission was to stop “Enchantress” from building a weapon that could destroy the Earth. Well, each story always has its own lines including the bad guys and the good guys. Between self-interest or focusing on the mission, they are crazy enough to take on the mission.


The plot holes leave a head-scratch. You can see less drama and half-baked support of the characters. However, the story is straightforward without any complicated thing except the love-story between Harley Quinn and Joker. There are slick pieces of action set, zany dark comedy moments, and gripping beats of characters.

Among all super-villains, Deadshot and Harley Quinn are most notable. To the role of becoming the Deadshot, Will Smith has succeeded of bringing his charm and chops of action. A sympathetic entry point is to the movie very well. Thanks to him.

Harley Quinn which played by Margot Robbie is a deranged-minded character. However, she’s quite aware of the assignment given to her and the team. Yes, she’s in the dangerous effort to save the world that hates a-kind-of-her. Harley has succeeded in bringing the dynamic performance with bubbly comedy physically. Thanks to her.

The visual effect and design are striking especially in scenes of Enchantress. Among all figures, I think that Killer Croc is an awkward addition to the plot. I do not know but, he should not be in this movie at all.

Another deranged story of this movie is about the strong relationship between Harley Quinn and Joker. It seems that these two nuts deserve each other well. It is messed up yet captivating relationship in the story of comics brought to the big screen, I suppose.

The Suicide Squad is the reverse version of superhero movies. Colorful costumes and dulling glossy visuals are shown by the costumes. You can watch the movie in 3D and 3D IMAX. However, very dark is unavoidable. In 3D, we can experience a bigger screen with a better sound just like any superhero blockbuster. Well, it might be better sticking to 2D screen at the moment.