Tips To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Tips To Maintain Hardwood Flooring

Many people choose wooden floor for their home. There are many advantages of having wooden floor for home, including benefits of its beautiful appealing, and durability. However, maintaining hardwood flooring is not something easy to do, it is time consuming. Here are several easy tips you can do to maintain hardwood flooring which is time saving, so your hardwood floor can be really last longer and work properly.

How to maintain hardwood flooring

If you use natural hardwood flooring, you need to make sure that you re-sand and re-varnish the wood by using protective coating every few years. This step can make the hardwood flooring life longer and work properly.
Avoid walking on the wooden floor by using high heels, either natural or faux wood floor. It can cause scratches, dents and also chips. Remember as well that you do not put heavy goods on the surface because it could damage the floor.

Lay floor runners or mats on it especially if it is laid in high traffic areas such as hallways and kitchen. It helps collecting dirt and protecting the surface of your hardwood floor.

How to clean hardwood flooring

Cleaning the wooden floor is one of the best way to maintain wooden floor. Cleaning wooden floor is not by running vacuum over the floor, you need to do special treatment. You can simply sweep the wooden floor with soft bristled brush, the brush helps removing clumps of dirt on the floor. You also can use damp cloth or mop to sweep the floor. Avoid using excessive amount of water because it can cause problem. When dry, you can use wax or wood polish and also buff to give sparkling effect to the floor.

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